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HiFi vs MidFi
I like chocolate. I know cocoa beans.  
Any cartridge recommendations for a Grace G-707 arm on a Thorens TD-125 deck?
Denon DL-301 mkII is very good on that arm.  
Ben-Micro MC-3 Moving-Coil Cartridge
Thanks for the link!  
Question about how analog audio recording works
Some interesting tidbits in here. Maybe some of you know the specs of mastering and cutting lathes that this guy wants to find? https://youtu.be/fp5k6dn16sM  
Tonearms without anti-skate, damage to records?
@mijostyn 😂  
Tonearms without anti-skate, damage to records?
Ladies and Gentlemen, here we witness the results of audiophiles not taking their medications.  
Audiophiles on Audiogon.
@fertguy what happened to Miller Carbon?  
un-becoming an audiophile
Move this thread over to Audioholics STAT!  
Does anyone know where this J. Gordon Holt comes from?
Thanks for sharing the info about your father, Charles. And sorry to hear about the realities of the biz. Best wishes.  
One of the great things about Vinyl
Same here. There is something about that unique creation of an electrical signal from a mechanical movement that captures the imagination, perhaps? It still is a bit of a mystery why I can listen to vinyl all day long, but usually end up stopping... 
Does anyone know where this J. Gordon Holt comes from?
One’s perspective of what constitutes “real live sound” can be different depending on one’s circumstance - and all can be true. For symphony orchestra listeners, it isn’t just what seat in the house you like to sit in. We who play in orchestras a... 
Goodbye Everyone
Good ridda—————wait, this has a HAPPY ENDING???    We want car wrecks and gladiatorial blood sports! Not warm fuzzy happy endings!  
Meandering Pitch, Where’s The Problem?
On my off-Centre records, the pitch instability seems to get worse as the stylus gets to the innermost groove area. Does yours do the same? If it is an off-centre pressing, you will see the cartridge meander back and forth. I imagine many of your... 
Anyone try the mpingo LP stabilizer from seller Clubwood on ebay?
My favourite is still my Canucklehead Hockey Puck Clamp (patent pending). So simple, cheap and effective. Official NHL pucks sound better than generic, of course.  
Where did he go?
Maybe I’ll try and contact Chakster over on vinylengine and see if he has a budget LOMC for sale. I bet he could use some bizniz.