Anyone upgraded from Hana ML to Umami Red?

Happy Sunday! I’ve had the Hana ML (low output) for about a year on a Clearaudio Performance DC w/Tracer tonearm. Phono stage is Goldnote PS-10 / PSU-10.

I enjoy the ML very much but planning on upgrading in a few months.

I think the ML is very good for the money, and I’ve been advised that the Umami Red, while very good, at $4K doesn’t have the same price/performance ratio.

However, the US distributor offers a trade-in program so it appears I could get the Umami for around $3K. Maybe at that price the value proposition makes more sense?

I’d love to hear comments if anyone has made the same move.



If you can stretch your budget a bit go for Etsuro Urushi Cobalt Blue.

Same company, so same dealer, things get really serious with Urushi line.

@petg60 Interesting - lower output but I'm running the Goldnote at it lowest gain setting so it seems I have plenty of head room, thoughts?

@petg60 Fair presumption about dealers for both Hana and Etsuro, although it is worth noting that in the USA they do not use the same distribution.

Hitting that next ( Etsuro Cobalt ) pricing tier does open up the door to many very serious carts certainly.

@macg19 Obviously you want better everything...but do you have some qualities on your wish list for the new cart?

Solypsa Audio



@solypsa That’s a good question, one that I am not sure I have an answer for (other than better everything!).

I don’t have any experience with good quality carts beyond the Hana, and prior to that I had an AT33ev but on a different TT/Phono stage.

I don’t listen to a lot of classical (not that I don’t enjoy some). Or a lot of hard rock (again not that I dont like).

I lean more towards, Jazz, female vocalists, progressive rock, I have a few MOFI Dire Straits that sound fantastic and older rock and blues and I’m a huge Tom Petty fan. Point being I do have a decent amount of very good quality vinyl.

Re-tipping and/or upgrade programs are of interest. 

Not sure if that helps?

Lastly, I do know how to set up a cart but don’t have and have never used any of the fancy tools. The Hana was set up by the dealer I bought the TT from for free (also bought the cart from him).

@macg19 Great point about setup- reserve a little budget for a decent protractor and vtf gauge! Developing self sufficiency in setup and dialing in is a great skill to have.

I also +1 the preference for dealing with a cart manufacturer that offers full service ( retip and rebuild ) as that's a long term savings.

I am in the trade and when I picked the two cart manufacturers I chose to represent ( Aidas & Tedeska ) they had to be excellent sounding of course, but offering full service was of paramount importance in the decision making process. 

Happy hunting :)