Anyone use solar power?

I have been looking into getting solar power installed on my roof. I am wondering if anyone here has done that and how it affects the sound of your system. Any experience in this area you can share will be greatly appreciated.
Sidssp, on a serious note, I wonder if there are benefits. When you think what we spend on power conditioners to filter out the bad stuff imposed on the lines to our homes. You would have a pure sine wave without any "noise" imposed as long as you can disconnect from the inbound power company supply line. If you use a power conditioner, I would try bypassing it for a time and at night when you are back online, listen if you can hear a degradation.
I would be curious to hear your results.
The waveform of the power output of a solar panel inverter could hardly be any more noisy.

Some are just 60hz square waves, some are "three step" and even the best have major power output at multiples of 60hz, up to and beyond 2,000hz. Waveform quality is just not a priority.

If your equipment is sensitive at all to noise in the power mains, a regenerating power conditioner could be required.

At the same time, the inverters broadcast all sorts of RFI.

This guy wrote it up pretty well :

Kenyonbm, Thank you for pointing that out. After reading your post, I have called the solar power company and asked them about the waveform but no one there seemed to know anything about it. I decided to put the project off for awhile.

Thanks for your post again.