Anyone using a Class D amp w/ribbon tweeters?

I'm looking for some feedback about using a Class D amp 
with speakers that use ribbon tweeters. 

Anyone have any experience? How do they sound?

At least 3-4 years ago I was still believing that ribbon tweeters 
were not a good mix with Class D b/c of the sibilance it produced from the tweeters.

But now we have gone from ICE modules to NCore, Pascal, etc 
and other proprietary designs (Dig Amp Co) that may not be so bright, digital etch, etc

Anyone know about using more modern Class D amps with 
ribbon tweeters while having better control of the high frequencies?
Should sound great with any modern good quality Class D amp. Try it and see.
I’m using Class D with top-end AMTs, no problem at all, though technically not ribbons. 

If you are using a true-ribbon they tend to have transformers, I'd be curious to know how the Class D work with those. AMTs are nearly purely resistive, so I may have better luck. :) 



Thx, I’ve only heard of high marks for the bel canto Ref600 Monoblocks. And I have read that with each generational evolution with Class D, that we’re getting about a 10% jump in SQ pretty much across the boards, but particularly in improving the high end sibilance and listener fatigue. Apparently we are in the 3rd generation now (?). 
I don’t hear top end sibilance on either the NC500 or 1200as  based amps nor on the proprietary modules from Nuprime. You can try the first two types for right around $1000 new. Just like the other types all Class D implementations are not the same or equal.
but particularly in improving the high end sibilance and listener . Apparently we are in the 3rd generation now (?)

Yeah we’re getting close to me selling my hot, energy sucking, boat anchors.

When future technology allows the switching frequency of Class-D to be taken from 600-800-khz to around 2-3mhz so the output filters can do their jobs properly. This is day the day my boat anchors will become obsolete.

Technics with their $20k usd SE-R1 is on the right path with a switching frequency of 1.5mhz using the new limited gallium-nitride (GaN) semi conductors, who’s designers were the same guys who invented the Power Mosfet

Here’s what one reviewer said about the SE-R1
" Listening to tracks that we’ve heard 100s of times — and on excellent systems at that — is now a revelation of once hidden nuance and detail. Not only are we hearing things we’d never heard before, we’re hearing it in a way we’ve never heard it before. A music system that sounds like a live performance is a tough goal to attain, but Technics’ flagship nails it."

I don't know if this is real or a hoax, but there was one actually for sale on Audiogon

Cheers George