Anyone using Duelund VSF capacitor in Merlin VSM

Has anyone experience from using these capacitors in Merlin speakers.
I have a smaller room perfectly sized for my Merlin VSM-MX.
I just love them and wonder if they could be improved.
I use tube throughout system apart from Meridian CD player.

Many Thanks!
to all of you,
i tried the master bam between my la300 and vzn100's and have to say it does sound better than expected. but it still sounds better to me when buffered by the tube line output section of the pre. this was how it was designed to be used. there is no doubt however that it would make a lot of people very happy used between the pre and power that do not have a tape loop or use multiple sources.
thank you.
best, b
I also had a chance to audition the master bam between my LA 300 & VZN 100's and compare to the tape loop this week. I also was surprised as to how good it sounded.

Compared to the tape loop in my set up, in my room, the sound is more forward, slightly more vivid but also not nearly as focused or refined. To use a photographer analogy, I feel like I am looking at images in the view finder that look fantastic but are slightly out of focus. The buffering the LA 300 provides snaps it into total focus.

To my ear, I also much prefer the buffering the LA 300 provides. I would in no way suggest that this is better or worse, right or wrong. Lot depends on your system/room set up, likes, dislike. YMMV!

Yes i am using the new merlin Master BAM with the upgraded RC's.I used to have the SBAM and standard RC's.Here is a list of what i have found from listening to the new master bam and rc's.

1. A quieter background
2. A larger soundstage
3. Improved resolution and clarity from top to bottom
4. More dynamic sounding
5. Silky Smooth from top to bottom
6. Improved definition from top to bottom
7. More natural sounding without any bloat or thinness
8. Killer mids, open and silky highs and a very strong
bottom end

9.Summary: The new bam and rc's take the merlins to a new level that is hard to beat making the upgrade a must do in my book for those who want to take their merlins to the next level.

For those of us with intergrated's, are there any add-on buffer option's for us? Could you build one?
what exactly do you mean by an add on buffer option?
what is it intended to do?