Anyone using IFI Powerstation

Looking for an effective upgrade.  
My digital source components are currently plugged into a Furman PST-6.
These consist of a Melco N1A, a Roon Nucleus, a Chord Qutest, and a Bluesound Node 2i.
The IFI Powerstation sounds like an interesting product.
What has been your experience with this product.
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Based ifi's own specs, the Furman line with SMP offer better noise filtration, which goes down to 10 kHz. 

The active filtering in LiFT is better than that, so as an upgrade, I'd suggest the PST-8 which has both.



I have two of these (UK version has 6 outlets, i needed more hence two!).
I found it to be a very good power strip. Doesn’t impede dynamics while efficiently reducing AC noise. Sound is very natural. I liked this more than Audioquest Niagara 1000, which I had on loan for a week. I’m an audioquest fan and this actually disturbed me a bit )) anyhow, my system has changed a lot, planning to try the AQ new Niagara 3000 at some point this year. Just out of curiosity.
Thanks much for your response ... especially for the comparison to the Niagara 1000.  Are you currently using it with any digital source components?
I have one of them and I have found it to be the best power strip I have ever used. I also use a PS Audio P10 and P5. I experimented a bit when it first arrived. I tried it with the P5 powering the Powerstation, then with the powerstation plugged into the wall via a BlueCircle CTX. Hands down it was better with the iFi into the wall and the P5 plugged into the powerstation. 
It is so natural and absolutely no restrictions on dynamics. I may be adding 2 more of them :) 

Hope this helps.