Anyone using Tannoy System 215 DMT II at home?

There seems to be a small contingent of listeners who use the Tannoy DMT series studio monitors in domestic audio set-ups. I'm certainly one of them, having used the System 12 DMT, the System 12 DMT II and, for the past five years, the System 15 DMT II.

I'd appreciate comments from any listeners out there who've gone all the way and are using the System 215 DMT in their home listening room. Based on my experience of the other DMT models, this model may be the ultimate speaker, except maybe for the fully horn-loaded Westminster Royal.

My reason for asking is that my dealer--whom I've patronized since the early 1970s--says he can get Tannoy Professional to custom make a brand new pair of System 215 DMT II. This would be my last speaker purchase, so any comparative comments--with other Tannoys or other manufacturers' models--would be much appreciated.
I use a pair at home -- mounted vertically on Sound Anchor stands.

I drive them through an external crossover using 300B SET monoblocks on top, and a 300B SET two-channel amp on the bass.

Tannoy no longer makes the 215 DMT II. If you can get Tannoy to make a custom pair, do not hesitate to buy them. These are the best speakers on earth.

Thanks for your comments. A few questions if I may...

Am I correct to assume that you had to get Sound Anchor to custom-make the stands? What height did you choose for the stands? What did they cost?

I'm guessing that you're running the two driver in series rather than in parallel.

And could I ask what speakers your 215 DMT II replaced?

And, finally, what is the size of your listening room? Mine's in the rec room: only 16 x 14 feet with a 7 foot ceiling.

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My stands were custom-made by Sound Anchors based on envelope drawings. The height is adjustable. I have the compression horn at ear-level. As I recall, the stands cost circa $600 shipped.

I use one Wavelength Cardinal monoblock on each DC, and a Larry D. Moore two-channel amp on the bass driver, i.e., one channel per bass driver. I use a Marchand XM-44 external crossover with the bass attenuated by 2.5 dBs.

Formerly, I used the Infinity Prelude MTS with a Cary Rocket 88R. The Prelude MTS is a great speaker, but not best for large-scale symphonic and choral music.

I don't know what to tell you about your room size. My listening room is in a large loft overlooking my living room, i.e., therefore a very large volume of space. All rooms have bumps which should be attenuated with a parametric EQ.

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I just came across this thread. I am posting for sale tomorrow a mint pair of System 15s with sound anchor stands into classifieds if you're interested.


Sorry for catching your note so late. Sorry--for you--that you're selling your System 15s. Fact is, I've used the System 15 DMT II for about five years and don't plan to sell mine. But I am also interested in acquiring a pair of the System 215 DMT II--hence my original post.

Good luck with your sale.