Anyone using the SVS Prime wireless soundbase?

I am looking for a small form factor integrated for a living room system.  Probably 80% TV/movies and 20% music.  Had a line on a local craigslist Nuprime IDA-8 but then Covid sidelined me for a week and couldn't finish the deal unfortunately.  So, the SVS soundbase might be an option.  Definitely not looking for anything hi-end.  The biggest couple of issues that seem to keep popping up is the lack of remote and the Play-fi app and connectivity is not great.  But, since I am primarily using it for movies this is not much of an issue for me.  

If you have any experience with this unit your comments would be greatly appreciated!


I’m not using the soundbase, but I am using their Soundpath adapter and it works great!  It’s two boxes that combined are smaller than a pack of cigarettes. I believe I paid $120 for the set.