Anyone with experience mating a Kuzma 4Point 9 tonearm to a SME 15 turntable ?

Currently listening by way of an original Avid Volvere/SME IV/Air Tight PC1s.

Have on hand a Zyx Universe III &/or a Benz Micro LPS for the Kuzma/SME combo.

Not sure if this is an upgrade or just a lateral move. Either way objective is to have 2 TTs in system.

Your insights are welcome & thanks in advance.



On a practical note; look up what tonearm assembly weight ( actual total weight not effective mass ) the SME 15 suspension can handle. Since they sell a version sans tonearm this should be documented.  

Kuzma lists the 4pt9 total mass as 920g 

Exactly my dilemma. The 4P9 was designed with the  reduced weight of 920g to accommodate more TTs but not sure the spring suspended SME 15 will match up well. Unable to find info on SME website as to how much weight it's made to support.


I note that the SME arms are around 700g vs the Kuzma 4point9 at 920g.

Have you considered getting a Kuzma front end - Kuzma R with 4point9 is less than the SME 15/V. In fact for around the same money as the complete SME 15/V you can get a Kuzma R with the 4Point11.

I have compared the SME 20 and Kuzma TT - they are similar in performance, but for me the Kuzma 4Point is a step up from the SME V - more transparency and speed whilst very neutral in balance.

I have a client that wanted the direct drive STST Motus IIDQ { smart man :)} which I represent however he already had a 4pt14 which is a whopping ~ 2kg. We went with the unsuspended Motus DQ as a result. Sounds fantastic. Anyway that’s why it crossed my mind for you to check compatibility...

If you are set on another belt drive I think @dover gave an excellent suggestion.

Do want to have ’a different flavor’ with your second table or just ’ better ’ or?

I'm in agreement with @dover the Stabi R with a 4point9 is awesome it will be my next setup. Have heard it many times at my local dealer and so very close to the 4POINT 11" BUT and if you ever have a chance you should hear the new Safir arm by Kuzma. Yes tonearms all sound different but the Safir sounds like no other tonearm I've ever heard. Unfortunately it's out of my price range as I'm sure for most others as well. 

Thanks for the input. 

I'm sure the Kuzma combo is fantastic but I already have the SME 15 & am looking for a different arm to experiment with since I already have a IV on the Avid Volvere and the design of the 4P9 intrigues me.

Reason for 2nd. table is to have a disc ready to spin when the one on the other is over & a different flavor would be interesting to compare. 

The Safir looks awesome but like the SAT and other components of late, outrageously priced and out of my league.



Since you already have the SME 15, I suggest you put a test weight of 920g ( the mass of the 4point9 ) on the armboard to see if you can balance the turntable - if you can then the 4point9 is an excellent arm and you are good to go.

both the Safir and the 4 point are superb….. Good luck - just balancing is not spring resonance and spring longevity optimization…. a trial balance is good starting advice….. 

You can e-mail Elaine Wratten at SME - - and ask about the specs for arm weights on the Model 15. I have found her very quick and helpful.

Thom Makris at Galibier Designs can give you excellent advice about Kuzma arms on non Kuzma tables.