Anytime you feel the HD Music is not HD enough?

Anytime you feel the HD Music is not HD enough?
Don't worry, it's not your ears' fault, you just need to have a proper device to present the HD music to the way it should.
Smartphone(x), Laptop(x), PC(x), Munich M1(✓)
Great music source needs great audio gear to perform to it's fullest.
Functionally Agile Hi-Fi Music Streamer is what you've been looking for.
" Reshape Sound " " Integrate Audio "
 " Reflect Emotion " " Embrace Hi-Fi "
M1 is ready to carry out all possibilities >>>
A bad .wav file can sound worse than an .mp3 
High-res sounds just as good as CD-Rs
It will only be enough if the track was recorded with proper microphones and layed down right. Otherwise, all bets are off.

I just think if you listen to most thins for awhile, your brain will just get used to it. Sometimes it is nice to listen to a poorer quality sound, then go to HD, to appreciate the difference.

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