Apollo/Saturn, Raysonic, or CEC... who wins?

The Rega Apollo/Saturn, Raysonic CD-128, and the CEC TL-51xr. For all types of redbook, which is the most emotionally involving player? And is there anything in the price range that beats it?
The Rega players are very good.I find the Raysonic to be more "involving." I chose the JAS MUSIK 1.2 over the Raysonic in direct comparison.You have to go higher up in the Raysonic line(168 or 228)to compete with or best the JAS.The JAS has stayed in my tube system for over a year and has sent several more expensive challengers packing.
See my comments in the Cambridge 840C thread below for details, but I recently switched from a Saturn to a Sony 5400; I'm liking the extra detail I hear from the Sony a lot. Good luck.

If you get a Rega Saturn, have the laser replaced as it makes a nice improvement for some reason.  The CEC you refer to is an older model and if I am correct, you cannot find a replacement laser unless Audio Union knows where to find one.  I can use one if anyone knows where to get one.


Happy Listening.

Rega Apollo 2017 newest version cannot be beat. The recently lowered price to $695 new in box. I have never been so blown away by a single component. Paid $1095 for mine 2 years ago. Thought it was a fair price. They upped price to $1325 earlier this year before announcing retirement from CD players for now. Recently heard a hifi rose streamer playing redbook file and it sounded so lifeless! That streamer sells for $2450. The guys dac was $1900. Apollo blew it away. Go for it!

I don't think Rega is out of the Cd player business, they aren't producing the Apollo anymore but their website does not state that to be the case about the Saturn or ISIS.

Also, where are you seeing the Apollo for $625, googling shows $995 at Music Direct, Upscale Audio , Safe & Sound to name a few?


I am sorry, I forgot about the Saturn &isis- way OOMPR. I know you can get new for$695. Try the music room. I bought the Apollo from them. They were reputable. If not there then us audio mart. Saw a nice used one for $550 somewhere… Think it was the music room. Good luck. I forgot to tell- I found a used dac r for $500. They really work well together. Connected via Kimber select rca digital. Set me back $390. It really sounds nice. The Saturn has twin wolfson 8742 dacs. Dac-r has same setup. Really no diff than my setup. They also share the Sanyo transport. Very good rep used in many players. Take care.

I'm not in the market , i have a Neodio Origine S2, I was just responding to your post