Apple Music Audio Quality Eversolo DMP-A6

The Eversolo DMP-A6 has been getting rave reviews the past few months, and three very popular YouTube Hifi reviewers posted their thoughts this week (8/5/23) and I’m even more on the fence than I’ve ever been.
Why am I on the fence…Audio Quality!
Is there an audible difference streaming Apple Music from the Eversolo to an external DAC via USB, Coax or Optical, compared to using an iPad to stream Apple Music?
I currently stream Apple Music in my 2 channel system using an iPad by attaching the Apple camera kit adapter to USB and use a Clarus USB cable to feed my McIntosh C49 preamplifier to the D1 DAC and the audio is great, but if  it’s much better using the Eversolo, I’d definitely consider buying one, especially the master edition. I understand there are benefits to a dedicated streamer vs. the iPad, but right now I’m mostly interested if anyone has A/B the Eversolo to the iPad as described above, and if so, was there a big improvement in sound? 


You can purchase this streamer on Amazon and get a 30 day trial period. In other words, you are the best one to answer this question.

I had an email exchange with Eversolo support. They said the improvements between standard and Master DMP-A6 don't affect the HDMI output. So I assume it's more on the DAC side than the digital outputs.  Happy to be using my standard version for > 2 channel playback via HDMI to my Yamama CX-A5200 HT preamp.



First, ditch Apple Music and get Qobuz that sounds better and likely has most of your music anyway.  Second, the Apple Camera Adapter sucks and is greatly holding back your sound quality, so upgrading to a good dedicated streamer will be a big upgrade no matter what (I’ve done it both ways so have direct experience with this).  Hope this helps, and best of luck.

I have done a single blind A/B with an apple ipad through a camera adaptor with a Mac min and a highend CD player in my own system. I failed, don’t chase the rabbit. It all comes down to how the DAC handles the codec. The iPad supports full band wide highress, and is totally off the grid with battery power.

apple is the best sounding music service to me. I had them all. The problem is apple is a walled environment which makes it a pain.