Upgrading Apple TV power cable

I bought a PS Audio Power Punch PC C7 cable to replace the stock Apple cable that came with my Apple TV, (which is plugged into an external DAC as a music server).

But the PS Audio power cable has a POLARIZED C7 end and the Apple TV is an UNPOLARIZED receptacle. Are there high grade adapters available? I didn't see anything that would have let me buy an unpolarized version of the power cable.
I suppose that I could do that. Was hoping to do something that wouldn't affect the integrity of the cable, like obtaining an adapter.

It would be nice for manufacturers to specify polarized or unpolarized.

Are there unpolarized equivalents to this power cable? (I can use the one I have for another device.)
Hello Sugith - I think you have things backwards. The PS Audio Punch power cords that I have seen all have the unpolarized ends - two round connectors, so I have to assume that the Apple TV has a polarized C7 input ( one round and one with a flat spot). AppleTV's website is awful in that it gives no closeup of the back panel nor is there mention of the type of power cord required anywhere I can find, so I am guessing on the Apple TV, while I know for a fact on the PS Audio cord. There might be an adapter somewhere, but I do not know of one - sorry. Filing the flat spot on a standard C7 to make it fit the polarized input is NOT a good idea. Companies use a polarized input plug for a reason....
I was just looking at this last night. My power punch c7 has one square side - the apple tv has both sides round. I'm in the US, btw.
Cory newport, you are right the PS Audio C7 has round and square. I have one. The apple has two round sides. I agree.

Sugith, Audioquest makes a power cord with both round sides as you need. Look on Ebay to get one cheap. They work great...