April Music's Audio Note integrated amp/CD player?

I am looking for a very simple system to put in my new sunroom. I read a great review of the "Audio Note" unit, which is a receiver, amp, CD-Player with headphone and USB connections. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/aprilmusic/aura.html Has anyone heard this player?

I want an "all in one" player like this as I don't have the room (or the $$) to buy separates. This is for "casual but good" music listening, and possibly for use with a laptop for watching the occasional DVD movie (2-channel listening only.)

If anyone is familiar with this system, recommendations for compatible speakers are also very welcome. I am considering the Cain & Cain Noogis...

It's the Aura Note, not Audio Note. FWIW, I have heard April Music gear at two shows, and was very impressed each time. Clear, clean, smooth sound. I have not heard this piece, however.
It's the Aura Note, not Audio Note.
I knew that! :-o Thank you for the response, Bondmanp. I don't know why I wrote Audio instead of Aura. I wish there was a way to edit thread titles. :-(

Hopefully I will get some more responses, but I bet I end up buying this and the Noogis. I think I will post in the speakers forum to see if anyone has other monitor suggestions.