AQ Viper or Python Interconnects Comps

Has anyone had experience owning or comparing the newer AQ Viper or Python Interconnects against either AQ's older products or similiar price point comparables. I'm looking for a balanced interconnect to go Krell Pre to Krell Amp. No local source has these as demos so looking for input as to whether these are worth renting (to demo)or whether there are better alternatives.
Viper is good and clear, just less resolution and tranparent over all. Both have excellent everything else. Most notable thing that set's Python apt from other tremendously good cables (which are around $1000 or higher), is a slightly closed in midrange compared to say more expensive Cardas, Yamamura, MIT ref, etc.
Otherwise, detail, clarity, refinement, bass weight...all top notch! 4.75/5 stars!!!!
Thanks for posting AG2. Please give me a better idea of what you mean by "slightly closed in midrange". I need something without a lean (lack of warmth) tonal balance.

Also, how stiff are the Pythons. Can it bend comfortably within a 6" radius?