Aqua La Voce connection issues

I have used the Sonore LPS 1.2 power supply to the Micro Rendu to stream music from my new iMac.  I have had a thousand connectivity issues with the MR device, and today I swapped the power cord to the DAC and lost all connectivity to my iMac.  I connect my iMac via a modem to the MR device with an RJ45 cable so I figured the cable would go into the DAC in the I2S jack, forgoing the MR device, and still I can't get Audirvana, nor my iMac on the sound settings, to recognize the connectivity from the iMac to the DAC.   I am ready to chuck the MR device in spite of its improvement in SQ, which is vital, but I can't get a damn thing to work now to connect my music source to the DAC. Can anyone help a fella in need?  Thanks, Mark  
Thanks Jackd,
I appreciate your response.  I connected my iMac to the DAC via USB.  I sent the MR unit back to Sonore for an evaluation.  
On the Aqua DAC's that jack is their version of I2S and not an ethernet connection.  Connects to their transport and new streamer.