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Female spade crimp connectors for AR 2ax speakers source?
Actually, I am looking for the female connectors from the wire to the tabs on the drivers and I guess the proper crimping tool.  At any rate, thanks for the suggestion.   
Ordered a Willsenton R300
This is curious.  I am a Prime member and have never had a problem with a return.  Sorry to hear of your experience.    
***Seasons Greetings A'goners***Are You Getting Any New Gear For Christmas***
Yep, I am getting Don Sachs new preamp to pair with his 300b monos, financed by the sale of my Dynaudio C1 Signatures.  Hint, hint.   
Outrigger Availability / Suggestions for Spendor A7
I can't connect to their website today.  
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" and Stan Getz "Captain Marvel"  
Has anyboyd used this amp, your thoughts on it
I am very happy with my Willsenton 300b integrated amp, with a headphone Jack and 8 wpc.  It cost $1500.  As good as it is, I will upgrade the caps when it comes off warranty.  Even stock, it is a dandy amp, with a fit and finish that belies its m... 
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
Jaytor, Excellent summary of your listening experience.  I have heard Spatials with LTA more than once and I had the same impression as you did. At the PAF, the front end of the Spatials with Don and Lynn's gear and the stellar Lampizator DAC was... 
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
I am with Audioman on this one.  My M4TM's have resided about 16" from a well-treated back wall and they sound sensational.  I moved them further out many times, but the result was that I only loss bass response .  Easy for me to say the Spatials ... 
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
Me too, I am in Sactown.  Thanks!  
300b lovers
Very interesting discussion about gear sold on one side of the Atlantic and that sold on the other side.  Reading the British hifi magazines, I have always been curious why they and the Europeans fancy such different gear than we do in the US.  Na... 
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
Sad to see the desultory comments from a few posters as to this exciting new speaker development from Clayton.  Let's just wait to see what the public and reviewers opine about the speakers when they hear them.  I have it on very good authority th... 
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
I see that Clayton will be exhibiting his speakers this month at the Capital Audio Fest.  I will be keen to hear the show reports. I am lead to believe that he will be using off-the-shelf drivers for his new speakers which if true, will give some ... 
Shipping woes and a partial solution
Right, that logic is why I have a spare room full of gear.  I do imagine it gone.  
Shipping woes and a partial solution
Czarivey, A nod to your comments above, yet I take as hyperbole the notion that a properly boxed piece of gear should be able to survive a fall out of an airplane.  That would be infeasible.  These g-force stickers, if triggered, dispenses with t... 
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
Yes: https://claytonshawacousticlab.com