AR-ES1 Turntable Sales Help & Vintage Talk.

Hi Friends, I have purchased and sold on Audiogon and have excellent feedback.

The big question, I have a Mint AR E-S 1, Cherry finish, Mint Dust cover, Sumiko Tonearm that I am having a hard time deciding what I should be asking for.

Have original Box.

No scratches, All original, and drive Belt has been changed from Vinyl Nirvana.

I have another Turntable B&O 8002, with MMC-1.  The only reason I would sell the A/R is I have all the factory packaging for safe delivery, otherwise I would have sold the B&O!

Looked on the Bay,  checked the Web, not many qualified selling prices for me to come up with a soldi sales price!

Vintage continues to sell fast!   Another example of Vintage,, look up older Nikon Film Cameras like a F2AS.
I paid 5K for a Nikon Digital D2X camera, its only worth around 300.00,  Moto of story~~~Vintage has increased more 4 in value!  Wish we could go back in time!   All kinds of examples, Marantz 2325, my Nakamichi CR7A, all have gone way up!

So that leads me back to my question for my AR ES-1, how much would you ask for on Audiogon??

Does anybody have  and idea whee I should start the price at?

Appreciate any advice.

Speaking as a huge fan of the ES-1, I would urge you to reconsider and sell the B&O locally. You could get a new motor from Vinyl Nirvana and be set for a very long time and still have an upgrade path for the arm. But that’s not your question :) 

I think I saw a recent Facebook post from Vinyl Nirvana saying that he’s only gotten his hands on two ES-1 in two years. In his post he included a highly modified ES-1 which sold for $1,800+ in a matter of hours. That scarcity bodes well for a sale, given what you described. 
Given that you can see a Sumiko MMT arm for sale from anywhere between $200 and $300, I’d suggest posting a “$900 or best offer” post and see where the market takes you. A grand if you’re feeling ambitious. Given there are very few  recent sales, lots of fans looking for one, I’d start high, field offers, and see where that takes you. 

If you’re in a rush, you could sell it to Dave at Vinyl Nirvana—certainly at a lower cost, but you’d know it would be a highly professional transaction, and he’s a great business to support. Good luck! 
I agree with Xelayeh, i would keep the AR and sell the  B&O. I have an AR EB-101 that's been upgraded through the years. It's almost identical to the ES-1, but with a squared plinth instead of rounded. I won't part with it. Es-1's are hard to come by these days and when 1 shows up on the market it goes fast. Sounds crazy but even AR-XA's and AR-XB's are going for 300.00 and 400.00 bucks these days. If you do decide to sell it, ask for 1000.00 and see where that goes. Prices on all vintage gear has gone crazy over the last few years....GOOD LUCK!!
Yes agreed!  I sent the ES-1 to Dave at Nirvana!  He is going to check the bearings on my Sumiko MMT and adjust, if not he said he some parts Denice he is a Jelco Dealer, also Jelco I believe just stopped selling Tonearms!

if not that then there is other options,  so he is doing the refurb, I believe if my current Cart is not up to par, maybe another Black or gold Grado!

so waiting for his call and or email on all his findings and suggestions!  The Table wood is Pristine along with the Cover.

maybe a better Armboard?

I know Dave is currently not taking any more work till March.

has anyone else had upgrades done on your A/R??