Aragon 2002

Seeking opinion, conjecture, actual experience re: this entry-level amp. I'm considering replacing my Rotel RB-1080 with the Aragon.
The 2002 is the 2-channel version of the more popular (I think) multichannel 2005/2007 family.

The 2000 family has had some really good reviews, and they are fine-looking amps, too. It would be a good upgrade.

My personal preference is the older 2004/4004, or the 8002/8008 families of stereo amps. Less gorgeous, more power supply for driving low-impedance loads.
The 2000 series is the re-badged acurus amps. I was never a fan of the acurus amps; the aragon 2004/4004 and 8008 are better.

Good luck,