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Unknown wood on B&W 802 series 80
Did anyone notice that the grills on the Bass section are not in the same location on each speaker.  I owned 802's in the late 80's and I don't remember the Binding Post looking like that.  Also, the "Head" should be wired with a coiled XLR type c... 
End of the World system
Portable player, some good IEM's and portable solar panel.  The whole rig fits in your pocket.  Let the  wife/sig other get her own.  Also, since we're living in "A Quite Place" you can listen to your tunes without having to worry. 
The Curious Case of the Technics Integrated Digital Amplifier
That review is dated February 2, 2015 
DTS-Play-Fi how to add a custom internet stream
Also, no need to purchase the upgraded version of the Windows App if all you'll be using it for is listening to Radio Groove.Good Luck and enjoy, 
DTS-Play-Fi how to add a custom internet stream
Success!!!If you have access to a windows PC, download and install the Play-fi App and install it.  Open in a browser and make sure it is playing.  Open the Play-FI app on your Windows PC and make sure it's in music mod... 
DTS-Play-Fi how to add a custom internet stream
What the OP means by "lock on" is that when searching, it doesn't find the station.  There is no way to add a custom URL to Play-Fi app.  I tried to two step it through BubbleupPNP, but it didn't work. 
DTS-Play-Fi how to add a custom internet stream
I tried internat Radio, Iheart Radio and in the app, but couldn't find it.  Do you know the stations call letters?  I did see that they maintain a playlist on Spotify. 
I saw Jethro Tulls 50th Anniversary Concert Last Night
I saw JT at The Ocean in AC a few months ago.  Yes, sold out and yes awful sound.  It was nice to see that Ian can still do the one legged Flute playing.  Also saw him way, way, way back at the Filmore East.  So, yeah, got to book end that career. 
Topping D50 vs the "Big Boys"
Not making any comments about the quality or sound quality of the Topping, but the  ESS SABRE ES9038Q2M is a $13.80 part in quantities of 1000.  The ES9038Pros, which is used in the Sonica DAC, is $74.80 in quantity.  I have an LG V50 which has a... 
NAD M10/BluOS - Please Help
The problem is the M10 can’t access the music on my Phone. The reason I purchased the M10 was to occasional play the music on my Phone. I was assured by the dealer that it could do this. I returned the M10 to the dealer, problem is now solved. The... 
NAD M10/BluOS - Please Help
Sorry, Home Office. 
NAD M10/BluOS - Please Help
Yes, I have everything on one server.  Backups only take a few minutes because I only need to backup the changes, not the whole library.  While I can access the Server remotely, there is no need to.I'v had a dedicated music server for 18 years now... 
NAD M10/BluOS - Please Help
Sorry, missed the "something like"I have a 1TB (don't ask) in my LG V50.  So, yes, I have all of my music stored on my phone.  I also have a copy on the Server, a copy on my main machine, and three backups, all on Solid State.  Also, the wife has ... 
NAD M10/BluOS - Please Help
Airplay is an Apple thing, so not supported on the LG v50.  Bluetooth AptX only supports up to 24/96.  So, that means my Hi-res gets down sampled; not acceptable.    Bluetooth has a  max range of 30 feet.  There are many wifi streaming devices, su... 
Only $800 to work with streamer/power for 3rd system
If you're dropping MQA, then Paradigm PW AMP, with room correction,  on sale for $225.00 through Paradigm.  Doesn't have 32 bit.  Have you taken a look at 32bit files sizes? a 6 minute song of 32/384 is 1TB!If you want a little more power, SVS Sou...