Arcam SA30 issue with input

So I have my new amp since December . It’s been reliable so far but I have mostly been streaming as this is a new option for me. But now I am getting back into some CD’s and vinyl. I have found that on occasion when I select my CD input I get no sound. My CD transport is running but no sound. A few times I just changed the input back to Net and then my CD again and it works. Today I had to turn the SA30 off and back on again for it to work.

Has any one else had this happen? I don’t know how to determine if it’s the Arcam or my NAD CD player. I am using the optical input if that means anything.

On a possibly related note, my Tidal Connect would not connect last night also. Again, I rebooted and it worked again. Do I have a lemon?


Yah, um…I looked. It is in the manual but not my amp. I went through every single page, sub page, etc. It does not exist on my SA30. Maybe the manual pre dates the last software update. I have v1542. 

But it IS in my manual, it’s just not in my machine. So not my much point going online.

Arcam suggested I try another digital input so I was using the “game” input for a while ( damn I wish we could rename these). It seemed fine. I went back to the “sat” input again and it happened once more. I will go back to the “game” input and stay there for a while longer to see what happens. It’s so intermittent though which makes it tough to nail down. But that’s what the warranty is there for I guess.

I might try the analog input also but i prefer the optical. Although it’s debatable if my ears can actually hear the difference between optical and analog.