Arcam SA30 issue with input

So I have my new amp since December . It’s been reliable so far but I have mostly been streaming as this is a new option for me. But now I am getting back into some CD’s and vinyl. I have found that on occasion when I select my CD input I get no sound. My CD transport is running but no sound. A few times I just changed the input back to Net and then my CD again and it works. Today I had to turn the SA30 off and back on again for it to work.

Has any one else had this happen? I don’t know how to determine if it’s the Arcam or my NAD CD player. I am using the optical input if that means anything.

On a possibly related note, my Tidal Connect would not connect last night also. Again, I rebooted and it worked again. Do I have a lemon?


Check the net standby settings for on or off and try setting the timeout stand by to the max. It may be going into standby mode automatically.

I don’t recall seeing that setting in the menu but I will check when I get home tonight.

The only standby sort of setting I remember is to shut the amp off after a predetermined period of inactivity, which I was warned was rather buggy and should be turned off.

I did however switch to the other available optical input to see if it still happens. Shitty thing is it’s rather intermittent and will take a while to get results.


neversatisfied OP: That’s the problem with hi tech. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

I treasure all my old school audio gear although the new stuff is awesome once you work out all the bugs and get through the often-frustrating learning curve!

I have a couple of PS Audio preamps that only shows the USB input resolution on the display when it feels like it.  I have to turn them off at the rear (not front) to get the resolution to display again whenever I change inputs.  I'm sure it's just some setting, but I often have bigger fish to fry!

Check the net standby settings for on or off and try setting the timeout stand by to the max. It may be going into standby mode automatically.

So I looked at all the settings again and I’m not sure I see the settings you are talking about.

Can you be more specific about the actual wording of that setting? The only “timeout” setting I have is the one I mentioned before. It’s the one which powers the amp down after the preselected time. I was warned it is bugging and will often shut the amp off in the middle of listening to music. It’s set to “off”.


Yah, um…I looked. It is in the manual but not my amp. I went through every single page, sub page, etc. It does not exist on my SA30. Maybe the manual pre dates the last software update. I have v1542. 

But it IS in my manual, it’s just not in my machine. So not my much point going online.

Arcam suggested I try another digital input so I was using the “game” input for a while ( damn I wish we could rename these). It seemed fine. I went back to the “sat” input again and it happened once more. I will go back to the “game” input and stay there for a while longer to see what happens. It’s so intermittent though which makes it tough to nail down. But that’s what the warranty is there for I guess.

I might try the analog input also but i prefer the optical. Although it’s debatable if my ears can actually hear the difference between optical and analog.

Actually none of these are in my amp. Could I have deleted them somehow? Maybe I should do a factory reset of the whole amp.

See below…..

Net Standby
Enables or disables the network control of the SA30
while the unit is in standby. The default setting is OFF

Note: The unit can still be controlled via RS232
commands, even when network standby is disabled.

RS232 Standby
Enables or disables the RS232 control of the SA30 while
the unit is in standby. The default setting is OFF.

Enables the Control 4 discovery function and enables
the sending of a discovery beacon

Have you checked if it's running the latest firmware? I went through several updates on my AV40 before it was rock solid. 

So I did the factory reset and at first I saw no change. Those missing items were still missing. But then I thought what if I use the menu button on the front of the amp instead of always trying with my remote. Sure enough, there they were. I then tried using the remote once again and the setting are there. Very strange.

Anyway, everything is where it should be. Now I just wait and see how the SAT input functions going forward. Hopefully this has cured something


Oh and I must add that I just reread my original post. I kept saying CD input. What I meant was SAT input as that’s where the CD is plugged in.In my head I was accessing the CD. So apologies for the typo and confusion if there was any

I was originally going to mention not to use the remote but neglected to. Happy to hear that you solved the problem!