Are Devore super 8s a lot better than the 8s?

I am starting a new system and starting with speakers. I am considering the Devore model 8. There are a couple of sets used on Audiogon now. Should I save up more money and wait for a set of super 8s? I am not is a big hurry and just wondering if there is a big difference between the two. Anyone hear both and have some comparisons?
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Hey oldgrey,

Can you tell me a bit more about what you liked about the Super 8s and the 3xls over the 8s? Did you end up moving up the chain?
Tonal quality up and down the scale. Notes with my Gibbon 8s always seemed a bit lean. I listen to a lot of acoustic jazz and I found that sax and cymbals were a bit brash to my ears. Also, the bass never was quite as present as with the the Super 8s or Nines. Again, I'm not bashing the Gibbons, but I just don't think they stack up to the others.

The 3XLs are amazing little speakers, too -but sound much different than the Nines and the Super 8s. The later have a more "woody" feel like you're listening an acoustic instrument, the 3XL's have a cleaner sound.

I wrestled between all three. Since the 3XL's would've required a sub to help on the low end, it became a horse race between the Super8s and the Nines. In the end, I spoiled myself with the Nines.
Thanks for all the input. I think I will wait and see if a set of super 8s show up used.