Pairing Border Patrol with Devore O/96

Hi All,

I’m looking to move from SS to tubes with a pair of Devore 0/96. I’ve seen many suggest push-pull is a good configuration for the Devores. Has anybody tried or heard the Border Patrol P20 Exd with the O/96s? If yes, what do you think?


 Two people I would suggest contacing,John Devore directly as he should direct you on what works best or better...Jeff Nelson /head of Boulder amplification who arguably  makes the best amps in the world and his ideas on why solid state is far superior to tube.

I’d highly suggest auditioning a Meishu Tonmeister from Audio Note UK in your system. Google the amp and read its reviews on Stereophile, and various other reputed publications. It’s a highly respected tube amp, among others that AN UK make. 
I make this suggestion because I love the Devore sound - delicate, articulate, and organic, and I think Audio Note makes speakers with a very similar sound quality. Their principles would seem to mesh perfectly with Devore SQ. 

Thank you @pcorys. I’m concerned the 8 w provided by the tonmeister won’t be enough. The Devores aren’t as efficient as rated. I think that’s why I’ve been hearing push-pull amps are a better choice. Thoughts?

Did you manage to read the Jan 26th, 2023 Stereophile review of the Meishu by Ken Miccalef? That review cemented my feelings about a harmonious cohesion between the Devores and a Meishu: