Are the B&W CDM 1NT's better than today's CM1's?

The CDM 1NT's are out of production but people always seem to speak fondly of them. Are they better than today's CM1's that uses some of the 805s's design principles?
I have a pair of CDM 1NTs and I find them to be pretty darn hard to beat. In my house I have two other systems--one with Meridian speakers and the other (2 channel only) with Magneplanars. The CDM 1NTs are in the "mainstream" third system and I drive them with a Marantz SR 8500 HT receiver. I have to say that even when I use that system, I don't feel like I'm compromising. IMHO, this is due to a couple of attributes of the CDM that are not hallmarks of the CM series.

First, that "free air" tweeter nacelle seems to really allow a lot of height in the soundstage. Second, the mid-woof cabinet is remarkably inert and provide a steady foundation.

So while the drivers and crossover may share some provenance with the CMs, it's my opinion that the cabinet is the difference maker here.
I have had three different sets of the CDM 1nt's
over the years. They should be in some type of hall of fame. I do agree the cabinet makes the difference.

I finally broke down and got a pair of 705's.
The only thing I was happy with. I think these
are also a very underrated speaker because of the CM's
below and the 805's above. I also do not use them as the
"main" speaker. I am a strict two channel guy with two different systems.

I consider the CDM's much more in line with the 705's than the newer CM's. I had one pair. Great speaker.
Not the CDM's or the 705's.
They also had a model called the CM1 in the early 90's and when it was mated to a matching sub, it became the CM2 Concept 90.