Are the Bozak compact monitors mb-80 keepers?

Hey Guy’s, so I picked up some Bozak mb-80 compact monitors and I understand that they was the last go around for Bozak before the doors closed. the cabinets are very heavy and i was wondering if anyone out there in
audiogon land has had them and how did they like them? what type of amp will make them dance? I’m wondering if the metal cone woofers are a gimmick , are they rare as someone told me. what is your opinion about these little monsters.
Rudy Bozak and his company made and sold high quality speakers for decades after WWII. They were located in Norwalk, Connecticut. All the drivers were built in-house. The woofers are particularly impressive with custom molded pulp cones of special cross- sectional design and large magnet structures. The midranges and tweeters used aluminum cones. Cabinet work was among the best in the industry. Vintage Bozaks have a dedicated following still! The Concert Grand is still among the best very large multi-driver speakers (4 12" woofers, 4 8" midranges and 8 tweeters).
Wow. Thank You Mr jasonbourne52
I did not know that the Mb-80 's are that good, I did not see much of any info on them and I thought the Metal cones was a gimmick thing, so many company's have come and gone.

Actually, Bozak was on Connecticut Ave in South Norwalk, Conn.   I went to the factory many times to pick up a speaker order.