Are the new Ohm Walsh speakers Audiophile quality?

Considering buying the Ohm Walsh 2000 Tall but very few reviews has me questioning there quality. Any thoughts?
Stringreen (a year ago), a friend had the early Ohm A's, in 1972. It was the most clear-sounding speaker I had ever heard. It was about as big as a small refrigerator, each. Then Ohm held a world premier event of that first Walsh speaker, not too far from my home.

After hearing my friend's A's, I wanted an Ohm A someday for its sound and because its operating theory makes sense. No crossovers, time accurate. I wound up settling for the Ohm F, a more affordable and more practical Walsh speaker. Still have Ohm Walsh speakers today, after several upgrades.
I had a set of Ohm Fs back in 1975 and still remember their magical ability to set an absolutely crystalline image that hung in space. I currently have a set of Ohm 1000s, purchased about 2 years ago, that are excellent, though not quite as magical as my memories of the Fs. However, I'm not sure how much of that is due to my naive impressionability 45 years ago versus my current more experienced self (and certainly aged hearing....)
As for quality, my Ohm 1000s are nicely built and well finished, and have worked superbly with no issues for the past two years.
Does anyone near Sacramento, CA have current production Ohm speakers that I could audition briefly? Being on the opposite coast from Ohm makes returning a pair expensive on top of the $50 initial shipping charge. Thank you.
Ohm has a long audition period so you can really hear their performance over days, weeks, and a few months. In my experience, the sound is great right out of the box, but seems noticeably to improve the more you play them. Up to a point, perhaps a few weeks, where the sound settles down and just sounds even better. It took me a month or more because I didn't listen very often.

I'll bet that Ohm knows from experience, very likely you won't be dissatisfied, so won't need to send back. 

The current production Ohm Walsh speakers are also great for home theater audiences. You can hear the imaging across a wide sitting area so that many viewers can enjoy the spread of sound across and beyond the video screen. Even better for gamers too. And, I don't even need a center channel speaker, although Ohm makes those too.

I believe that adding a center speaker will improve what I hear beyond what I already hear for movie dialog. The problem is lack of space for placement in my current arrangement.
You can understand from this review:
why OW never went back to them. Almost the entire review is spent on troubleshooting problems. I can also only assume that no JA measurements published means they were unfavorable and dropped. 

Much like Magnepan, these unorthodox speaker designs need a unorthodox way to measure quality. 

Since most of the bandwidth from OW relies on reflection from your walls, I wonder about how much sound quality is degraded. Stucco vs wallpaper vs crown molding... Curious, has any one compared direct to ear SQ vs SQ after one wall reflection?