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Are the new Ohm Walsh speakers Audiophile quality?
Hello,Does anyone near Sacramento, CA have current production Ohm speakers that I could audition briefly? Being on the opposite coast from Ohm makes returning a pair expensive on top of the $50 initial shipping charge. Thank you. 
Anyone Compared ARC Ref 75SE and 75 With KT150
Why compare monoblocks with higher power (and cost)against stereo amplifiers with lower power (and cost) thinking it reflects on the absolute amplifier quality? The only thing that can be determined is which is a better match for the speakers bein... 
Power cable "Break in" question
I like to plug in multiple devices. A refrigerator demands higher current but only runs sporadically. A lamp draws continuously like an amp operating (but without fluctuation) or on standby. I make no guarantee that my method is beneficial. It is ... 
Great female voices
Mapman,Give the kid a break. How genuine are most female singers many audiophiles drool over? They pump out easy-listening elevator music. There is no emotion. Their primary objective is to sound pretty and put someone to sleep while they sip scotch. 
How is a CD read?
RW, How can the problem be with the cable if all the other tracks play correctly? I assume other CDs also play correctly since the OP only mentioned one CD.I would play the offending tracks on a different CD player, even a computer or optical driv... 
Homegrown Audio ripoff?
Mterle,I once had a similar problem with a different audio company that was basically a one-man shop. I contacted the Attorney General for the state the business was located in. They sent a letter to the company and I promptly received a refund. I... 
Ayon Equiptment
Zd542,You beat me to it. Just found this via a simple web search: are not the importer. Ayon Audio USA in Scottsdale, AZ is the importer. 
Ayon Equiptment
Why are you asking your question here instead of emailing the distributor where you could get a complete answer?Easy to find link on the Ayon Audio website: 
Best Female Vocalists Ballads
I add my endorsement of Kate Wolf. I would also like to add that Kate wrote the songs she sang and great songs they are. She is sorely missed.Her "words fell like rain on the dry desert plain. Precious and so quickly gone." 
Red Dragon's new S500 Class D Amp
1extreme"I know you are probably thinking “why doesn’t this guy just order an S500 and try it for the 45 day trail” and that is what I will likely do but I don’t take returning amps lightly and wanted to hear some feedback if my direction / plans ... 
Best Tributes, Covers, Dedications
My all-time favorite. "Treasures Left Behind: A Tribute To Kate Wolf"Kate Wolf was a California-based songwriter whose "words fell like rain on the dry desert plain-Precious and so quickly gone". 
Magtech Amplifier
If a Thermal Trak transistor fails it will cause the amplifier to run very hot on that channel even on idle. The entire top of the amplifier will be hot but if a measurement is taken one side will be hotter than the other unless there has been a f... 
Are all craiglist used ads scam?
Is this common or a local phenomenon? Many sellers of one piece of audio equipment put the names of 20 or more other brands in their ad so it gets pulled up on searches. For example if I search for "Krell" it will pull in many ads that are not for... 
Larrybou,Am I interpreting your post correctly? Are you saying the top end is good but the problem is the lack of lower frequency response to balance the presentation? 
Any Quad technicians?
Mgattmch,I purchased parts from QS&D a few months ago. They were very helpful.