Are There Any Redpoint Owners Here

I am looking for other Redpoint TT onwers if there any here? I would love to chat about this TT I am in need of some help with the motor pulley setup...

I looked just because it would be a thread about a TT that is not mentioned at all, let alone often.

Wish you some luck connecting with other owners that can help you. Might need to try a different forum. Did you buy used or new? Dealers are hard to find.
Still have a red point bearing but sold the platter.  You might ask the question about the motor and or pulley.  Might be able to help some.

Enjoy the ride
Well thanks guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew where a new pulley could be gotten? I have since gone to a machine shop to have one made. To my knowledge there are no more dealers Peter has gone into hiding, so it's a good thing not much can go wrong with these TT's.
I think Peter used a Maxon DC motor.  They tend to wear out the bearings because of the side load.  If you can build electronics check out the diy forum, it has on going multiple phase controller and motor threads.  Your machine shop guy  should be able to make a top plate for your pod.

You may like the sound of the table even more.

Enjoy the ride
I agree, I replaced the Maxon motor about 2 years ago I only have 200 hours on the TT since changing the motor. I did buy a complete motor and controller assembly but, I think it is too light for the heavy platter. I won’t know for sure until I get the new pulley, then I will decide which way to go. I am leaning towards having the machine shop make a top with same pattern as the new motor and controller, and just swap all the parts.
Well I had the machine shop make me a brass pulley for the new motor setup I bought, it works great except the new pulley is leaving a brass residue on the belt and platter. Probably gonna have him make me another pulley from SS. 
Hello there - I own a Redpoint Testa Rossa. It is a very old unit - the pulley on mine looks like brass but I think it is a brass colored alloy. Glad to see you got yours going. Enjoy !

Well hi and thanks the reply, yes I got it going real good now. No more problems and sounding awesome, I should post some pics.