Is there a high quality transport that doubles as a Blue Ray player?

I want to upgrade my CD player but do not want separate boxes for cd and blue ray.   I am willing to sacrifice sound quality for a compromise as most high end CD players are not blue ray players.   Looking for under 1k used or new ok.  
I chose an Oppo BDP-105, dual processors, transport, CD, SACD, Video

It has 'Pure Audio' mode (I don't hear a difference),

and optional volume control (handy to 'generally match' volume of it to TT's volume, then change the system's volume elsewhere.
Oppo 105, BUT, it has been widely reported that the power supply is a very weak link. You can find them on ebay along with replacing the IEC with a Furutech: mine came complete with pure silver tail that snaps in place on the board. Also get the 110/220 bypass jumper. You’ll be shocked (in a good way)

It’s 100% DIY- screw job. Just keep separate containers for the different size screws. When you’re done, leave the top off. I bought a cheap air conditioner filter to keep dust out

My BDP-105 was one of the few components I actually had to buy new, and I have never regretted it. It is merely a CD transport at present in the primary two-channel system.
Maybe I should try it for DVD and Blu-Ray (never have) in the home theater room, I guess. It might be better than than a years-more-modern good quality player. Might be hard to tell but maybe the audio output would seal the deal.