Are There Any Risk to Your Stylus From Using Magic Reaser

I guess I'm late to the magic eraser discovery. 

I read a blog about sibilance, and it was suggested that cleaning your stylus with magic eraser, cleans so well that sibilance issues can be greatly minimized.......assuming all other factors have been optimized (SRA etc.).
However, someone mentioned that the magic eraser fibers grabbed onto the cantilever and damaged their cartridge.

I clean all my LP's before playing and use a Zerostat. It cleans the stylus "OK" but "if" the magic eraser is safe and provides better stylus cleaning, I would really like to try it. 

I've never had any issues using magic eraser with many, many cartridges from at least seven product lines going back years.
I never use gels or any wet cleaning solvent cleaners. 
Just cut a thin piece, lay it on the platter and lower the cartridge downer on it a few times. Don't clean the tip with the magic eraser used as a brush.
Peter Ledermann recommends using Blue Tac after each play, in the manner Tom describes. If Peter recommends it, you can bet it’s safe. I would assume the magic eraser works the same. I’ve also heard people swear by damping gel pads used by drummers for cymbals. Can’t remember the name of them off hand.

I use an ONZOW, but same theory. Unfortunately I learned the magic eraser/Blue Tac ‘trick’ after spending $35 on the ONZOW.
One important thing, get the ones (magic eraser) without the cleaning  powder in them. 
ok....looks like I need to try the "Original" magic eraser. After using it, I like the idea of gently using my stylus brush to remove any stray fibers.
Thank you for the feedback.