Are There Roon Ready I2S Streamers?

I thought that it was worth asking.

I'm using an IFi Zen Streamer with USB out to a MacIntosh MA1200, but I'm looking at the Denafrips Terminator Plus R2R DAC and multiple reviews have been less than kind regarding using the USB in.  This would mean adding the Denafrips Gia to reclock the USB in and export via I2S directly to the Terminator Plus.  I figure that it would be best to just find a good Roon streamer with I2S out.


Thank you all for your help.  I didn't mention that the MA-12000's DAC died over the weekend and that started me down this path.  I also have called McIntosh.

I purchased a Holo Audio May KTE and Timbernation maple equipment stand.  When I'm close to delivery, will probably pickup 0.75M Audioquest Earth balanced interconnects and the Shunyata  Sigma v2 NR power cable.  Power conditioner and good power cables have been the biggest improvement to my system.

As a long time experienced streamer, I agree I have found no issues of late using USB 2.  I’ve found some devices may default to usb 1 and must be switched manually. 

I spent several years on my search for a top quality separate streamer to pair up with my DACs. As I went through this journey I ended up with a PSaudio Directstream DAC. This was my first DAC with I2S input. I tried various combinations of streamers with Matrix Audio X-SPDIF to get I2S to my DSD DAC.

I discovered Musica Pristina about a year ago and purchased the ACapella III  I2S streamer. It was like opening a window to full transparency.  This streamer is better than anything I have tried, even at twice the price! AndKevin the designer is a joy to deal with. 
Give it a try. 

PSAudio who is the company pushing I2S is coming out w streamer only I2S output. About 2K.