Are You a Swifty?

I am. I think she's great.

And You?



Nope. Swing and a miss.

I’ve said quite a bit about a whole heckuva lot of things on the three pages of this thread.
I commented on,
- Taylor Swift’s music and her cynical exploitation of the American’s need for vapid pablum
- sexism
- pop history
- Jack Antonoff
- digitally-pitch-corrected vocals
- whether there is any merit to exposing oneself to a significant swath of Top 40 music in 2024
- the ways people ascribe “role modeling” to celebrities
- the ways older people slag contemporary popular music
- the ways people go out of their way to contribute to a subject of an online forum thread even though they write how stupid, bad and frivolous the whole thread is
- the ways people somehow find a way to turn a thread about a bland apolitical pop artist into a vomit-fest of irrelevant political crap

I “added my $0.02” on a whole heckuva lotta things on this thread, all of them relevant to the thread.

What you chose to do was different.

What you chose to do was come on this thread and do nothing but feed the trolls, and feed them by referencing our former President and Candace Owens, two things that couldn’t possibly be more irrelevant to the topic of Taylor Swift’s music.

When I criticized the decline of the thread going from being about Swift’s music into a bunch of dumb, childish, completely irrelevant, junior-high-cafeteria-level blather, you got butthurt and chose to attempt to attribute hypocrisy to me, a wild and sad attempt, one that failed badly, only further embarrassing yourself.

Swing and a miss.

Thank you, @tylermunns (aka Trog), for contributing two more cents and further enhancing your own troll status. You certainly know how to type a lot of words and say nothing.

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@immatthewj  Read my multiple posts here on this thread, and then read yours.  
See if you can figure out which of the two things is “conversation,” and which is “trolling.”  
You said I was “trolling.”  
It takes one to know one.
Have you ever heard the psychologist term, “projection”?  
Look into it.

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