Are You a Swifty?

I am. I think she's great.

And You?


I respect anyone who can achieve what she has done.  Having said that, there is nothing about her music that "speaks" to me.  Cue up some Joni.

I wouldn't go so far as be a Swifty and I do not own any of her music, but I also have no problem with her as an artist or listening to her music.

Any music that drags music back towards singer/songwriters and further away from the repetitive and stagnant drone of hip hop and rap, is okay with me.

Not into her music much but do like maybe 2 songs that struck me the right way, but by all accounts, she seems to be a generous and genuinely good-hearted human being who puts on a great concert and as far as I can tell deserves her success.  If there were more people like her the world would be a much better place.

Not a fan.  I agree with @bigtwin, spin up some Joni Mitchell.  But, I do not begrudge her any success she’s had or condescend to any of her fans.  I don’t get it but I don’t have to.

She seems like a cool girl but musically speaking not my cuppa but she is certainly a lot of peoples.

she seems to be a generous and genuinely good-hearted human being who puts on a great concert and as far as I can tell deserves her success.  If there were more people like her the world would be a much better place.

Well said and completely agree. My wife turns it up when comes to Taylor Swift. I have no problem leaning into it, especially if the windows are rolled down with the sunroof open on a Spring afternoon. 

So I’m a fan but I don’t listen to any of her music. Just follow her dominance of pop culture at the moment.

She seems genuinely nice and decent. Don't dislike her music necessarily, but I'm mos def with the "cue Joni" crowd.  

I couldn't say as I have honestly never heard her sing. I stopped listening to radio in 2002 when Sirius XM debuted, and I don't watch talent reality shows. I never had any use for Madonna, J Lo, or Beyonce either, and Taylor looks to be a continuation of that ilk, so I never bothered to explore. I'm happy to acknowledge all the 'Swifties' out there because I would never begrudge a music lover their choice. Last I checked, this was still America and there are some pockets of resistance doggedly clinging to the freedom of choice.

Her music does nothing for me. Her writing/lyrics are great. I do not listen to her at all. However, the stink she created by dating Travis Kelce was incredible. The haters really came to play. I loved how it revealed the true side of a lot of people I know. I asked a few, how in the FACK can you hate someone you never met, has no impact on your life, and does so much good with her money? I never got a real response. I loved watching them squirm to answer the question. It was akin to someone hating Dolly Parton, someone I do listen to. She is a real national treasure.

You mean to tell me she's a singer? I've never heard her sing anything and Candice Owen's says she's a psychopath.

Absolutely! I use Swiffers™ to dust off my equipment regularly. My wife’s a fan, too. Could be why we live in harmony?

I’m a huge fan. What she has accomplished is admirable on many levels. Her economic impact is staggering and was even noted in a Federal Reserve report (Beige book). Her tour will yield approximately $1 Billion in revenue. Ms. Swift is even increasing NFL viewership and revitalizing Singapore as a tourist destination. She has also sold approximately 3.5 million Vinyl records and one of every 15 Vinyl albums sold in 2023 was hers.

As an audiophile who enjoys pop, yes, I enjoy her music and her tracks sound great on my system.

She has great marketing skills.  I don't listen to her either.  Not my style. As for the hype, most people are like sheep.

I'll only say I'm forced to listen to her in the car when my daughter asks to play her Spotify list. But it's a limited selection of Swift songs. The song structure is typical of 90% of the pop music out there. And while her musical catalog has matured and changed, as any artist whose entire career has been managed to track music trends, I don't begrudge her success. 

I have other women artists that I prefer who write better material and (in the paraphrased words of Morrissey) whose songs say something to me about my life.

Swift and Kelce are a perfect match for each other. Two highly marketed brands that manufacture success via successful marketing. In Swift's case...coming from a very wealthy family with ties to the music industry to help her "get discovered" and in Kelce's case...having a marketing team market an okay player into a "star"


Mid 50s guy here. I think she’s great. Our adult kids have convinced me to listen critically, and I love lots of her stuff.

She’s the great poet-artist of our age. She’s not Adele or Whitney Houston or Holly Cole in vocal quality. And her voice does not have the character or distinction of Jennifer Warnes or Stevie Nicks or Aretha Franklin.

But her writing is deeply romantic and reminds me of falling in and out of love with my wife of 32 years all over again, including what it would have been like if we hadn’t. She’s the like Shelley or Frost or Dylan of this age.

Moreover, her re-recorded stuff is really well engineered. It sounds great and you are likely to enjoy it if you can tolerate good country or adult contemporary at all. If you’re all jazz and classical it may not be for you, but then you may not be looking for the poetry of words in that instance.

Give "All Too Well (10 Minute Version)" a listen. It’s deep. It’s about the universal condition of young heartache. Everyone has felt this -- I hope. You can feel her heartache and your own (current or past) heartache when she sings. A few gems from just this one track:

"You told me about your past thinking your future was me."

"So casually cruel in the name of being honest."

"You who charmed my dad with self-effacing jokes. Sipping coffee like you’re on a late night show. But then he watched me watch the front door all night willing you to come. And he said it’s supposed to be fun . . . turning 21."

"You kept me like a secret but I kept you like an oath."

There are tons of other songs like this. Give her a serious try if you haven’t.

Happy listening (to whatever you listen to) from a first-time poster.

I'm not a fan...but I do respect her talent, and have no issues with her popularity and success...

It’s really sad that these comparisons are emerging here.
Whitney Houston?

How/why would Taylor Swift be compared to each of them?
Her music and vibe is quite different from each of them…

…why would Taylor Swift be compared to these artists….

…oh! Right! Of course! How silly of me!

We’re super sexist and dirt-brained! Of course!
Swift is a woman…and so are those other artists! Of course!
That’s why it makes sense to compare Swift to Aretha, Swift to Madonna and Swift to Beyoncé!
Of course!


Now, Ogg, you’re getting too excited, drag your knuckles back to your cave and take a nap. And watch out for the tar pit.

We apparently only see the “woman” part. So whenever an artist comes along, we go into lizard-brain-mode and only compare her artistry to other artists of the same chromosomal makeup, regardless of how dubious the musical comparison is.


She had a good start in life, her parents named her after James Taylor and he has performed with her.

I'm 72 years old, and I say 'Good for Taylor Swift'! You could do a lot worse for the biggest pop star in the world. I get tired of the shots of her at football games, but that's not her fault. And she's getting some fans back into vinyl records.... 

No longer my cup of tea. I liked her better when she was a "kid" doing country pop music and using a pitch shifter to stay on key. Now that she’s straight "pop", well, it doesn’t trip my trigger. But whatever. I don’t "get" opera either for the most part, but I still check it out sometimes. The same with Taylor. Last album I sat through was Red. She’s obviously filling a marketing niche and speaks to some people. Good for her. But all the "cult of personality" stuff with some of her extreme fans and our obsessed media is a turnoff. The same can be said of Elon Musk.

@tylermunns    What is your point? Should she be compared to Ritchie Blackmore or Ian Gillan? 

@dayglow My point is that instead of addressing the question, “you like Taylor Swift?”, instead of talking about the relative merits of her art, instead of talking about songwriting, performing, etc., we’re showing all of the insight and analytical acumen required to say, “sHe a LaDy. LaDy SiNg. I kNoW LaDy SiNg. I KnOw aReThA. I kNoW mAdOnNa. I KnOw aDeLe…ShE nOt LiKe tHaT oNe…sHe sOrT oF LiKe tHaT OnE…LaDy SiNg…”

Further, to address your question (‘Should she be compared to Ritchie Blackmore or Ian Gillan?’ )…um…no. No she shouldn’t. That would be an inexplicable choice of comparison as far as Taylor Swift goes.
More importantly…why does she have to be compared to any of them?
Why is this choice, a choice to so quickly compare her to these other people (of course, those comparisons being symptomatic of this website, a bizarre and sexist need to describe such a thing as a ‘female artist,’ as though it is a ‘musical genre’ or something 🤣🤣) so rampant in this thread?
As far as I can tell, the question of this thread is not, “Who can we compare Taylor Swift to as a musical artist?” but, “You guys like Taylor Swift?”


@tylermunns I appreciate the intelligent response. Human nature wants to compare... Camaro/Mustang etc. Yes, I’m over 50 but I will listen to new(er) music so I can honestly evaluate it, the sound quality of recent recordings has been as problematic as the content. In regard to Taylor Swift I have listened to about 50 songs(>20%) multiple times out of 243? songs released. Her level of musicianship/vocals and writing skill/subject matter just does not meet my standards/interest to get a place on my limited(space) vinyl or CD shelf. FWIW "Lavender Haze" is my favorite Taylor Swift song.

I am not a fan at all.

But then, I am not a fan of pretty much all forms of mainstream pop, rock, hip hop, country, etc.

Not that I hate it, but even the best crafted pop songs, with creative catchy melodies and hooks, good choruses, bridges, etc., has me saying to myself, "that was a well done pop song, but now what?

**WARNING**Music snobbery ahead!

I want much more from the music that I listen to.

The genres of music I listen to, take me on a journey emotionally, intellectually, alter my brain state, alter my perceptions. And no, no substances are required.

So, while I can hear a well crafted pop song and enjoy it, music is capable of so much more.

Sometimes I get asked, "but why can’t you enjoy both types of music, the fun pop songs, and the music that takes you on a journey?"

And my answer is, life is too short. There is just so much incredible music to explore, and more being created on a constant basis, that why should I listen to fun pop songs, when there is so much potential to listen to music that will be so much more?

Too many of her songs are about what some boyfriend did in their last relationship. Not much depth, IMO.

Cue up some Joni, indeed.

We apparently only see the “woman” part. So whenever an artist comes along, we go into lizard-brain-mode and only compare her artistry to other artists of the same chromosomal makeup, regardless of how dubious the musical comparison is.


She’s the like Shelley or Frost or Dylan of this age.


Getting back to the question "Are You a Swifty".


I don't have anything against her, and good for her for being wildly successful. 

I've heard a couple of random songs on SXM radio that I thought were decent, and was surprised to find out it was Taylor. My guess is her recordings are over-processed, so the vocal is pleasant but non-descript. 

She does have tremendous influence however, so I hope she stays out of politics. 


I find digitally pitch-corrected vocals with no sonic depth, dimension or sense of any interaction with a physical space, with a good chunk of their humanity removed, to be nowhere near “pleasant” and much worse than, “non-descript.”  
Those are my words for it. 

She is a talentless, mid 7, middle age bimbo media creation with low music proficiency that got her boost by having influence with a manipulatable voting block who won't show up to vote anyway.  Cue the haters.  Isn't this forum about musical excellence?  This board makes Brittany Spears look like Beverly Sills. 

Or, instead of subtle sexism, we could just have really full-on, super-gross, troglodyte blather.  
That’s also an option.



Wtf was that vitriol filled rant about?  Somebody didn't get their pirate booty today.  So sad

I don't like the way she takes so much money from her fans who really shouldn't be spending that kind of money on her tickets.

Seems pretty greedy to me.

OK. I'm 68 years old and had no opinion about Taylor (other than a feeling that too many teenage girls were fans and how good could that be?). I bought Ryan Adams album "1989" which was his version of her album of the same name. I thought it was excellent. My wife liked it too and decided to buy some Taylor CDs--starting with "1989". Well---I can't say I would buy her albums on my own but I have to say that she has a great knack for pop melodies and is clearly a very good lyricist.  The complaint of too many break up songs is legitimate but they do speak to her genuineness and vulnerability which connects  especially well with girls and women.  In fact, I do enjoy her albums when the wife plays them and they are very well produced and engineered. I think that might make me a Swiftie.  Oh well, so be it.

No, am not a fan. She is vapid and talentless; unless you include her ability to brainwash weak minded humans and fish. Which will come in handy when she runs for office.

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