Are You Happy With Your Phono Preamp?

I have been gradually upgrading my analogue components.  Which presently consist of: SME 20/2 turntable (old but good), Kuzma 4Point Tonearm, Soundsmith Hyperion (MI) cartridge (love this), Dynavector (MC) DRT XV1, PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp (connected to ARC Ref 6, Pass Labs 160.8, Avantgarde Uno).  I have to say that I am very happy with the analogue sound from this system.  That said, high end audio being what it is I can’t help wondering if I am leaving some better sound on the table with the PS Audio phono preamp … though I know I should not judge by price alone.  I have been looking alternative phono stages:  the VTL 6.5i, ARC Reference 3SE, Boulder 508, Pass XP17 … this price range.  Those who are long experienced analogue lovers … do you think I am leaving any sound quality on the table by sticking with the PS Audio phono stage? Do you believe that I would see a meaningful change in sound quality by moving to a phono stage in the price range I have been looking at?



While researching phono stages looking for the best price/performance, on another’s  post, “PS Audio Stellar Phono (buy audio magic ultimate beeswax shd fuse $225- big improvements)”

I ended up with a used VDH GrailSE current phono stage

Kennyc, how do you like the vdH? It was on my short list, along with Pass XP27, Rowland Conductor, and DSA Phono III. 

I do apologise for my earlier post, I was commenting on a Pre Amp'.

It looks like the heat wave is having an effect on myself.   

I am very happy with my Primare R35. It is connected to my Linn LP12 and Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 with analog board.