Are you in a MUSIC CLUB yet?

What is a music club? It is simply a few music lovers who also like hi end audio and get together once a month. The first group I was in over 20 years ago had 4 or 5 guys. All music then was burned to cassette tape, Ouch. I remember the first night one of our members introduced us to a new device he just purchased...a CD player. It had just been released on the market...this was in the 80's and the sound was very dynamic and edgy. We shared our music often making extra tapes to exchange. The group I am in today, I started from a listing here on Audiogon seeking some members in this area. We rotate venues to mix it up and even had a video night recently for HT concert footage.
We have been going strong for 2 years now and it has been a lot of fun. I would encourage you to give it a try in your area. You get to hear lots of different music and if you are lucky your new pals can help you improve your system and vice versa. Try to find people who have a passion for music and like a wide range of artists if possible.
Anyone doing this monthly?
I'm not, but I'd love to. I'm in DFW area and I'm probably going to post a thread soon about wanting to meet some people, check out their gear, have them check out mine, exchange some ideas about equipment and music.
I've had a weekly meeting in Dallas, TX for over thirty two years. We are not selective as to a persons musical taste nor is it based on the value (or perceived performance) of members system.

What's critical is a sense of humor, love of music and a personality that allows us to all get along. The group meets at my home on Tuesdays and other members choose other nights. Attendance varies from a low of three members to as many as twelve on any given Tuesday night.
Having moved to the SF Bay area a couple of years ago, I also would like to meet with music lovers and check out other systems. I'm on the peninsula, anyone interested please email. Sounds like Albert has the right formula.
Check out the "Clubs" forum here on AudiogoN for a group in your city. Here in Cincinnati we have a great informal group of audiophile/music lovers that meet occassionally to share tunes and listen to member's systems. It's always great fun.


Some of us in the Louisville area get together occasionally, sometimes to travel up to Cincinnati. Send email to get in touch.
Yes, the Club section here on Audiogon is a good place to start. The old group I was in from the 80's has split into two groups now and both are still going strong. We have had a few members drop out since they didn't seem to have much depth or variety in musical taste or collections.

It's funny that one member who has bought most all of his music online as compressed has now declared that no more compressed music for him. He has heard the difference and now crossed over from the dark side.

My group has really helped me upgrade my system since one guy has Martin Logans and the other Maggies. Their fine tuned ears have helped me improve my system 100% plus I like some of the music they play enough to go out and by it for myself.
My audiophile group meet once a month at local retailers. They usually show the equipment their featuring. The attendance is usually 50 to 100 people. Sometimes they have raffles where you can win cables, records or cd's.
Our group, Portland Audiofoos, meets once a month on Tuesday evenings hosted by one of 6-8 foos.
We welcome new folks.
I posted a thread on the club forum two or more years ago seeking like-minded folks here on Whidbey Island, (Wa. State), but got no response. Anyone out there in this area yet?