ARONOV LS-9100 ..How realible is this tube amp ?

1.Should I trade my Threshold 4000 amp to Aronov Sl-9100
at even trade?
2.My main question now is how realiable this amp ? I heard there are no more support fr. the original maker.
I will mate this amp with my Lector Zoe pre-amp and
Von Schweikert Vr-2 speaker.
Please I need your input for this trade. I am happy at
this time w my s/s Threshold but always like a tube mono amp w/ at least 100 watts per.

Please need your input and advise.I thank you all.
Mine have been going strong since 97. I still play them most everyday. I did have one problem and that was a bad resistor in both of them. They were replaced maybe 10 years ago and no problems since. As far as service goes any good tech should be able to work on them. They are based on the Dynaco MK3. The reason I bought these were I heard them driving VR4's. That was a very good sounding setup. I think Aronov is up and running again.
If you have any questions I may be able to help.

Since you heard them driving the VR-4 then my VR-2 can be a good match too.

Should I trade my vintage s/s Threshold 4000.

Btw, are the SL-9100 is a class A amp?

I've had the Aronov LS-9601 integrated for about 5 years now and been very happy. Never had a single issue; the thing is a workhorse, puts out plenty of power with tube warmth, a full bottom and lots of detail. I threw some Golden Lion KT88's and 12AX7's in there to replace the Aronov stock tubes (which were fine as is) and it upped the sound a bit. I'm running them with a Benchmark DAC, Oppo BDP 93 and B+W Matrix 3 Series 2 speakers. I'm upgrading the speakers with Vandersteen 3A's this week, and looking forward to hearing them in the system. I haven't heard the Threshold 4000 so have no input for you there.
Btw, what is the input impedance of the Sl-9100.

My Lector Zoe pre-amp's output impedance is 250ohm...hopefully it will match.Thanks.pescolar
I concur that the Aronov LS-960I integrated is quite a superior (but generally unrecognized) tube star.
An outstanding bargain at its used price.
To my ears there has been a natural sound quality from top to bottom, always with an ear pleasing control and extension in the bass on a number of different speakers, even so-called bookshelf monitors.
Thomsonkneeland /Listener57.
Both of you owned Aronov LS-9601...and Sturgus have LS-9100...There are more audiophile choose the integrated one .why? How much is LS-9100 the lo/high used market priced at this time...any idea?

Anyway If I decide to take LS-9100 in this trade I will replace the stock tubes and get the Golden Lion Kt-88 ( re-issue)...I like Kt-88 better than 6550 tubes..

Guy's thanks for the info you shared with me.This will help a lot.
Pescolar, The input impedance is 470k. As far as whether you should trade that is up to you. Can you audition them in your system? I would think they would go for $1800 on the low to $3000 on the high. When rolling tubes I find I like the Winged C, and my favorite is the EI KT90's type2. I have my amps moded to run in triode and thy sound great with the KT90's. Pay close attention to the driver tube. It makes as much difference as the output tubes. I like the RCA's and the IEC Mullards.
Is Aronov still in business? I can't find a working URL for them - I thought that it was
Pescolar, frankly the reason I have the integrated vs the monoblocks is simply because I found the integrated at a bargain price...If I had had the option for the monoblocks, I would have sprung for those, and opted for more flexibility in my system with preamps and so forth (not that I am unhappy with the Aronov preamp, just curious as to how a different preamp would change things). I did see a set of the Aronov monoblocks on audiogon a year or two ago, but don't recall the asking price...but I remember wishing I had need and $ for a second system!
Bodotes, I believe Aronov is back in business, but there's no website. here's the latest:

No complaints here, I got my older version amp for under a grand (new model is $5,000), because no one knew what they were looking at in the shop...for better worse, on a musician's wage, I'm a budget audiophile
Since the trade I am seeking for this amp is off.The guy who is one of A'gon member said his Aronov LS-9100 is rare and hard to find and he will regret trading it.

Anyway I decided to get Aronov LS-9601 in the near future that will easily drive my 90db speaker.

Also I will keep my Threshold 4000 Class A amp.. 200 watts s/s class A amp at this time will
cost at least $8k or more..not affordable to audiophile like me.
I thank you all for all the input and info that you shared.
Thank you so much.
IMO, an excellent design.  After making a few mods (changed ground path, added silver leads, updated caps, driver tube, etc..)
no issues for years.. bullet proof.
THE ONLY ISSUE.. these babies run HOTT!
I live in East Texas and can only enjoy them from Oct. to March. Then I'm forced to live with my SX1250s (i have a pair of them.)
I have to get off the floor when I threaten my wife with selling them (she carries a BIG STICK.)  LOVE EM!!