Ars-Sonum And External Preamps...

anyone using such a combo? 
Hi tabl10s

I own a an Ars Sonum Filarmonia model SK (Modifided).  Although I have the BAM in and out RCA connections, I don't have a pre input or selection of running the integrate as  a stand alone amp.

Is there a set-up / hook-up for operating a separate pre amp into the ref integrated, that I may not be aware of?

Would  grateful for any insight.

Thank You

I asked Rich this morning about connecting dual-mono Bam’s and he said:

Source to Bam
Bam to appropriate input.

The volume has to wide open which bypasses the circuit enabling preamp usage.
What mod do you have? I have an Audio Magic
Pulse Gen ZX. 
@tabl10s and @bradf 

FWIW, next week I should have the first Ars Sonum Armonia POWER amplifier! The Armonia is NOT a integrated amp, but a power amp based on the new Filarmonia (SM version) integrated amp with some very special/improved output transformers that Ricardo Hernandez developed for the Armonia (I will note that these output transformers are more expensive [labor intensive] to make, so they are not used in the new Filarmonia SM integrated to keep its cost were it is currently at). The new output transformers have a wider bandwidth and lower source impedance - so, I have been told to expect better bass and better ability than the integrated to drive 4 to 6 ohm speaker loads. 

The new power amp also has two different inputs. Each has a different input sensitivity to allow better matching to higher gain or lower gain preamps (or various digital sources with volume controlled outputs).

Rich Brkich
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Hi Rich,

Has Ricardo mentioned to you what the Wattage will be.  Also, will the amp be capable of driving lower impedance loads then the limits set forth in the Filarmonia Manual. What output tubes?.  Will the amp have a selection for triode operation.  Pure class A or ??. X-former taps for 4 and 8 ohm loads?


The Armonia power amp is 30W/ch. Like the Filarmonia integrateds,  the output transformer has a single output (no various output impedance taps as Ricardo feels he gets better sound when he builds/winds/optimizes the transformer for one output impedance which is around 6 ohms). The Armonia like the Filarmonia operates in Class A up to around the last few watts of power (I can get the exact numbers from Ars Sonum if that is important to you). The optimized output transformers in the Armonia power amp though are a single output  “6 ohm” output design, have a more efficient (or maybe elaborate is a better way to say it) design with a lower effective source impedance. Max power output is greater than the Filarmonia integrated (30W vs 28W for the Filarmonia SM) and the ability to drive lower impedance (4 ohm) loads is better than the Filarmonia integrated amp.

All Ars Sonum amps are push pull class A.... Not a traditional Ultralinear design. Since already running almost completely in class A, no need for triode operation IMO (I’m not even sure that given the nature of the design that it could triode/pentode switching could be added).