Art Audio - anyone know what's up?

Hi all - first time poster here. I've been building a SET based system for the past couple of years, with an Art Audio Jota at the center of it. Hence the question…

Anyone know what's going on with Art Audio and their U.S. service? I've tried reaching Tom Hudson at Hudson Audio Imports in New Jersey - supposedly their US representative - but he hasn't returned calls for a couple of months and now there's no outgoing voicemail message identifying the company. I sent an email query to Art Audio via their UK Website, but got no response. Then I called them in the UK and … you get the picture. nada.

Disclaimer - I know there are lots of, shall we say, "colorful" stories about the previous US representative for Art Audio. I'm mainly interested in finding service for the Jota in the future. There's nothing wrong with it at the moment - I spoke to Tom Hudson a while ago about upgrading the output transformers, and I was thinking about pulling the trigger.

Any help much appreciated! Dan
Sorry for our mutual loss: I loved the HC Jota when I had one. I got rid of it some time ago because I got concerned that it used some proprietary parts and I heard things about the distribution, probably like you did. I didn't need another $KK boat anchor.

That's a shame because dollar for dollar, AA stuff was some of the best I've ever used and I swap out a lot of gear.
Yeah - I do love the amp. Hopefully all is well in Art Audio land and the problem is just Hudson Imports.
You might contact CommandAV in the DC area. They used to represent AA. They might be able to refer you to someone in your area for future assistance.
You might also contact Galen Carol at I think he was a big supporters of Art Audio.
This is the first I've heard of Tom Hudson not responding, although it's been a while since he has been to a show. If indeed CommandAV was a dealer for them, by all means give them a call. Jeff there is a good guy and a straight shooter.
Tom at Hudson Audio had a stroke in November.
I sent some Tom money in July for Cables Tom never got the silver for the interconnects and than had the stroke.
His son sent me an email saying he would send me a refund but he never did.
It's unfortunate but I think they will go out of business.
I left phone messages and emails but haven't gotten any response.
since February.

Thanks everyone for the replies. I reached Tom Willis at Art Audio in England, and it turns out that Tom Hudson has unfortunately suffered some serious health issues that have kept him from pursuing the business. Art Audio is fine, but they may be looking for new US representation.
Was at K%K in Apex, NC several years ago checking out a passive preamp and noticed a bunch of parts in the corner. An Art Audio amplifier waiting to be built on contract to the factory I was told.
For future repairs you might contact them, though not likely for warranty.
Verdant Audio is the new US Representation for Art Audio.  We will be happy to help any existing users find a service center for repairs or work with you in finding new gear.  

We can also arrange for upgrades if need be though it will likely require freight to the UK.