Ascend Acoustics speaker upgrades -- anyone try them?

I’ve been really really happy with my Ascend Acoustics Sierra Ribbon Tower w/Raal, bought just over a year ago. There is now an updated version and upgrade kits for consumers. I’m interested in upgrading mine but want some comments from other owners.

The owner/designer introduces the new line, here:!


Anyone with answers to these questions, please chime in!

Did you do a full upgrade or crossover only?
What did you think?
If you use tube or low power amps, did the reduction in efficiency have an audible impact? Any deterioration of synergy, so to speak?
Did you do the upgrade yourself? Did you send it to Ascend? How did that affect your warranty?

I’m getting in touch about some of these issues but I want to hear your reactions, if you have any.



You’ll probably have better luck sticking with the Ascend forum for this one...


I have posted there. It's so new that asking here cannot hurt. There are many posts here about Ascend, so nothing to lose.

I am pulling the trigger and getting the kit. I expect to do a full review.

@spydrwebb44 ,

Click on @hilde45 's discussions, he's got a whole thread about it.

It's because of his appraisal that those are most likely my next speakers.

That and I already know and like the Ascend sound.