Ascend Sierra 2's vs. Monitor Audio GX 50's or GX 100's

  I would appreciate opinions from anyone who has auditioned/owned the Ascend Sierra 2' and the Monitor Audio GX 50's or GX 100's. Thank you.
I've had the Sierra 2 for about 2 years but no experience with the MA speakers.  What's impressed me most about the Sierra 2 is the level of detail.  Vocals, piano, or analog type of instrument sound so realistic and in the room, all without getting bright or harsh.

I'm running them with Parasound Halo gear and I originally bought the Ascends for the theater system, but became so impressed with how they trashed the speakers they replaced(Paradigm Monitor series), that I tried them out in the 2 channel system.  To my ear they were the equal of the Paradigm Signature S6, a floorstander with berylium tweeters.  Of course they couldn't match the lower octaves, but I preferred the vocal reproduction of the Sierras.  The S6 costs at least 3 times what the Sierras do, and this is where I think internet direct companies can offer more value than the traditional wholsale/retail brand.

I would say though that any stand mount speaker in this price range benefits from better quality electronics.  Receivers can only do so much.
 Thank you 213runnin. I have owned a pair of the Monitor Gold GX 50's for around a month and I think they are excellent. I have not owned many ribbon speakers, but I have been always curious about the RAAL ribbon tweeters because of the praise they receive from audiophiles and professional reviewers.