Astoudingly good recording of Wagner's Parsifal

Occasionally I run across a recording that has such realistic clarity, definition and spaciousness that it truly does come close to realistically presenting the illusion of being in the presence of the music making.  Mark Eldar conducting the Halle in 2013 recording of a concert version of Parsifal is one such recording.  Performed in Royal Albert Hall and expertly engineered and mixed.  Give it a try!  
I’m a big fan of The Ring, esp. Die Walkure. Is Parsifal along the same lines? 
Parsifal is one of my favorite Wagner opera.  Thanks for the heads up on a decent sounding version.  I have put it my Arkivmusic shopping cart.  Do you know if the recording comes with a decent booklet with a libretto (I hate the fact that most CDs don't come with booklets any more)?
I found it on Arkivmusic as a Halle CD (4 discs).  I haven't pulled the trigger on buying it, but, I probably will buy it.  The singers are not top talent, which is a bit of a problem with something as difficult to sing as most of the roles in Parsifal.