Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing

Today I picked up my Atma-Sphere Class D Amps. These aren’t broken in yet. And they are simply amazing. I’ve listen to a lot of High End Class D. Some that cost many times what Atma-Sphere Class D costs. I wasn’t a fan of any of them. But these amps are amazing. I really expected to hate them. So my expectations were low. The Details are of what I’ve never heard from any other amps. They are extremely neutral. To say the realism is is extremely good is a gross understatement. They are so transparent it’s scary. These amps just grab you and suck you into the music. After I live with them some and get them broken in. And do some comparisons to some other high end Amps Solid State, Tubes and Class D’s, also in other systems I’ll do a more comprehensive review. But for now, these are simply amazing amps.. Congrats to Ralph and his team. You guys nailed on these.




I listened to a Part-Time Audiophile podcast this morning featuring the brains behind MYTEK, discussing digital amps, specifically GaN tech and that they have introduced their own monoblocks.  I think you'll all enjoy it

@tweak1  After seeing the ASR results of the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II, I wouldn't have much hope that Mytek can produce a good GaN amp. Heck, they failed at their main product - a DAC!

MYTEK is an awful company and their customer service is horrid. I learned this first hand years ago, purchased a Brooklyn Bridge, service issue after service issue. Finally just binned it and took the loss,  no way I could sell it in good conscious. Some my love their products and company bit I would steer clear. 

@kykat I am using a top end Aric Audio Motherlode preamp and Aerial Acoustic 7T speakers that were essentially gutted and rebuilt  by Doug Jesse at ASi Teknology.  I also use a Space _Tech Super Rectifier via an umbilical cord to my preamp.