Atma Sphere deserves praise

In the last 6 months Atma Sphere released a revision to their MK III designation to MK III.1. It amounted to a small part change and I think the resulting cost was less than $500. In my system, and in other's judging by recent posts, it was a very worthwhile improvement. Not only was an upgrade path available, but the cost was very reasonable.

Do you think other manufacturers that release "new" product updates every 12-18 months, or worse new products because there is no upgrade path are simply offering design breakthroughs? Or is this just running a successful business?

I think they hurt their current customers by devaluing their "old" equipment on the used market, and causing them to scurry like ants for the latest new stuff.
I suppose part of my lack of enthusiasm for shipping Atmas-phere products stems from helping a friend pack up his top of the line OTL's. Three people (and considerable beer) were required to set those monsters in their wooden coffins. I resolved on the spot to never own another piece of equipment that I could not pick up.
By comparison with that experience, learning how to solder was a piece of cake.
Seriously, it amazes me how many people accept all the inconvenience, chance of shipping damage, and costs associated with returning equipment, and then do without their systems for weeks rather than learn to do simple procedures.
Just one old fools opinion.
Samujohn: If it were only that simple. In that case no one would own speakers weighing more than, say, 80 lbs.
Thank you Mmike84. I've been absolutely blown away by the newer updates. I tried to write a review but it never seems to express just how good these products really sound. The new pre-amp should be at the top of anyones list looking for the "Best of the best". I haven't heard the newer amps but everyone that has feels the same as I do about the pre-amp. Ralph and his crew have hit a home run with the updates this time. Samujohn I can appreciate your resolution to never have to pack something you can't lift but you may be missing out on audio nirvana. Besides having your buddies over for the farewell is always fun. Anything that has to be shipped back is a pain in the butt . When you get a piece back from Atma-Sphere you can rest assured that they have done their best work and you will have years and years of trouble free service. There are some manufacturers of old that you would want to put goggles on and pray before you hit the power butten. In all the years I've owned Atma-Sphere products I've never sent anything back for repair but to upgrade. They're as stable as a rock. Now watch my pre die tonight! Anyway thanks for starting the thread. Atma-Sphere never seems to get the respect I think it desrves. Maybe the looks? They are like the "Smuckers" jelly of audio. "With looks that bad it has to be good".
Everybody's makes choices based on personal preference. The above referenced Atmas-phere OTL's sounded great, but I liked the ARC VT-100, and a pair the very light, solid state Bel 1001's just as well. I have a pair of 65 pound subs and some 80 pound electrostatic panels. Am I restricting my choices- you bet.
I like the looks, especially the amps, they look like they are going to sound good:)