Attention all Melos owners

I was looking to see if anyone out there may be interested in an online group for Melos owners or if there is one existing that I am unaware of. I am noticing the information floating on line is dated and I am sure there are still owners out there. Mods, parts, stories, technicians whatever. If you are interested drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

Ok guys, heres the poop!!
I received an email from Mark Porzilli. He is in the process of getting a site set up for Melos products. He is currently getting a mailing list together. He advised me that they will be opening Melos this year if all goes as planned. His current project and information can be viewed at;

To get on the mailing list you can email Mark at;
I have a melos gk1+1 and 2 90st amplifiers in working condition. Schematics too. If any one needs info on these pieces I may be of assistance. Regards John
Definitely interested, received the same e-mail from Mark Porzilli. Anyone know the status of his site as of yet?
Hey -Hey!

I would LOVE to get ANY info esp. a schematic, on the GK1+1 pre-amp!

Count me in!

I would like to join if the group is still alive.

I have a Melos gold 200 and a pair of Melos 400.

The Melos 400's needs to be repaired.

Anyone out there with schematics for the 400?