Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?

While reading through the many threads on Vinyl vs. CD, I thought it might be interesting to see what CD transports/players Vinyl fans use when not listening to their analog rig?
I am using a Parasound 2000 C/BD Belt Drive Transport and am loving it. Truly it has an analog sound that is just beautiful. I am presently looking for a DAC that will be able to read and play HDCD's and other formats. Your suggestions are welcomed and thanks much.

Currently, an Ayon CD-2. Upgrading to the CD-5 in about a week. The CD-5 has been getting smoking good reviews.
Another vote for Ayre CX-7eMP. Overall, my vinyl rig sounds just a bit better, with small but noticeably more texture. But if I didn't already have a vinyl collection, I'd go digital only and never look back. I only have about 6-8 duplicate titles on CD and vinyl. In head to head comparisons, the vinyl kills the CD on Jack Johnson's "On and On". But I got the ripped CD from a friend and I wonder if it's MP3. On "Abbey Road", the vinyl is clearly better, but it's the 1980's CD and the remaster would certainly narrow the gap. On Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark", the sound is very similar. Other than the vinyl pops, I don't know that I could otherwise distinguish them blindfolded. I have four duplicate Bruce Cockburn titles. I prefer the CD "Circles and Streams" simply because the used vinyl is just hammered - barely listenable. "World of Wonders' vinyl notably betters the 1980s CD. But the remastered Rounder CD releases sound every bit as good as vinyl. In fact, I actually *prefer* the CDs because they seem to better highlight vocals while surrendering hardly anywhere else.