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Bias instructions Mastersound Compact 845
Thanks to both of you. Much appreciated. Nice to know of the US distributor. May be in touch to move to the 845 or Evolution 845 amp. 
Bias instructions Mastersound Compact 845
Thank you! 
Subwoofer recommendation
Second to the JL. They're powerful, but easily adjusted so that you don't overpower your listening space. 
Broken cantilever
Yeah, it would have to be Soundsmith's boron cantilever repair, since the stock cantilever is boron.....which is the most expensive.Thanks for the input. It is kinda rotten doing something stupid like that. Have to be more careful. Not a good week... 
Little help please
Yup. Will do. Lot simpler than packing the amp and shipping it to Italy. Far cheaper, too. Still- think it's the 845. Will cost more to ship overseas than it will to fix it. Maybe.Thanks. 
What was I thinking? Hmmm, let's see....I have to put two dogs and my wife in the car with me....there's about 12 cubic feet of trunk's a 900 mile drive.....yeah, I should have stuffed all the gear that when boxed up occupies an 8x10 ... 
Uru975- all tubes from the amplifiers were removed and packed separately prior to the move. Tubes were left in the Ayon and EAR units, and both were securely packed in styrofoam stays and triple boxes. 
thanks, fellas. My next step was to use the TT as a source and see what happens. But to do that, I have to put the EAR back in the circuit for the phono section. Worth a shot.One riddle- why, if it was the Ayon, would one channel go silent with th... 
ZU OMEN speakers 12ohms??
Use the tube amp with the 8 ohm tap. Should be fine. 
how do you determine anti-skate settings?
Isanchez, I misspoke. I spoke to a Clearaudio distributor, not a rep. Granted, not an engineer. As far as "he should not be speaking on behalf of a company that designs tonearms with an anti-skate adjustment," I think he addressed that fairly clea... 
how do you determine anti-skate settings?
I recently spoke to a Clearaudio rep about this very topic. I was trying to figure out how to set up anti-skate. His response surprised me. He said that as long as your TT is level (use a bubble leveler to make it so), anti-skate is not only worth... 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
Missing Zeppelin is going to haunt me to my grave. Never even got to see Page in the post Zep incarnations. Had tickets to the scheduled Zeppelin show for October 1980 at then Rich Stadium (now Ralph Wilson Stadium) in Buffalo. Early September, th... 
Rack : I need your help
I'll second all of that. Steve will walk you through any difficulties you may encounter with assembly as well. Always available. His racks are solid, functionally excellent, and have a sharp contemporary look. They also give you flexibility if and... 
Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR
Sakahara, no worries, none taken. Haven't heard NOS Western Electrics. Very expensive, and a lot of people are trying to pass off the newer WE 300B's as NOS. Saw a pair the other day- made in 1998- for 4000 bucks. Ridiculous. 
Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR
The Grade B Shuguang tubes aren't defective. They're just a lower quality tube. Shuguang matches each pair, and the tolerance differences determine which tubes will be Grade A, B, etc. I also use the Shuguang Black Bottle 300B Treasure tubes, and ...