attractive modest power tube amp??

OK, the WAF is pretty high on this purchase. I have a bedroom system with: Apple iMAC running iTunes + Marantz 2250 rcvr + Energy RC-minis (+ subwoofer)

This is for internet radio and playing iTunes, digital tunes. The Marantz is ok but I have my heart set on a tube int. Music .. classical, jazz, mild rock ... not very loud. I had a Shanling MC-30 (3w/ch) and want a little more power. I am thinking 8w/ch+ should work.

My budget is < $800

Since this is our 2nd system I don't want to spend max-bucks on premium gear. I'd like to get an attractive tube amp with good sound and >= 8w/ch. Kits are welcome.
I've been looking at Elekits TU-879.

Any other good kit ideas?

Also a pre-made amp would be fine. Some I am looking at ...
Jolida JD-102B
Jolida FX-10
Cary CAD 300SEI
Glow One


I've owned 2 on the list, the Cary adn teh Glow. The Cary is head and shoulders better but is about 2-3X your budget. The Glow is a very nice product and of course has the benefit of the USB DAC.
How is the DAC in the Glow? Is it better than using an analog connection from the MAC?

I have the Glow in my bedroom system, and the DAC is definitely better than the analog connection from my iBook. I've been very pleased with the Glow getting fed from my tuner and iBook and driving Zigmahornets and a sub. I don't play it very loud, but it's all I need in the bedroom.

I haven't heard the other amps on your list, but I have owned and can recommend the Almarro A205A. The Almarro leans more towards neutral rather than the warmth of the Glow. The Almarro was terrific with my Druids at low volumes, but not quite enough grunt when I turned it up. My main system needs to crank occasionally.

Two good amps for different tastes.