Audience Clairaudient 1+1

 Anyone using/used these,especially in a nearfield setup?Picked up a mint pair yesterday at a REALLY good price for use in a desktop setup.Wondering what amp you ran with them & any set up tips you found useful..
I demoed a pair of these and they sounded awful.  Rolled off highs, limited dynamics, cloudy mids — just awful. I was running them off a McCormack DNA-0.5 Rev A amp and brought them to my buddy’s house where we ran them off his Bryston 3BSST2 and he too thought they sounded terrible in his room.  Both of us thought they sounded “broken.”  Dunno, maybe they work better on a desktop, but I still think it’s a heavily flawed design.  Sorry, but hope they work out better for you. 
That's interesting. There was so much hype around those speakers for a couple of years after they came out.
I tried to make then work in my office however, I never could because I did not have enough space. I kept the KEF LS50s and sold the 1+1. I think in a bigger room these speaker would have shone for me.
I think most of the problem lies in the bi-polar design.They will be about 52" apart,rear driver about 16" from the back wall,angled toward me & elevated to listening level by IsoAcoustics stands..Maybe a touch of acoustic treatments behind the rear drivers...I’m not sure they are even close to broke in either...
Well I'm not sure what was going on with any demo's that sounded bad..Have them sitting on top of my M30.1's on the end of the McIntosh MHA-100 & the sound is wonderful!The soundstage is WIDE & DEEP,the tone full,detailed & smile inducing...Got such a great deal on these think I'll send them off to the factory for the v3 upgrade..HIGHLY recommended when used within the operating parameters of the TINY speaker..
PS:I imagine a small tube amp running these in a desktop system could be end game..