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Bookshelf Speakers for office ~$500
Elac,Wharfedale Diamond series,Dali Spektor One all fall well under your max budget & offer decent sound for the $...  
What news in 2023 struck you?
For myself no doubt about it,the Musical Fidelity A1 reissue,a true piece of audio esoterica that I can actually afford!  
Recessed Electrical Receptacles
Sorry but I’m confused..Are talking the rough in boxes you stuff all the wires & recep into or are we talking the distance between each receptacle plug being too close together??? If it’s the plug spacing of the 2 sockets per receptacle, that ... 
???Modern Speakers???Life Expectancy???
I appreciate the replies folks...  
what should I get to replace what I am planning to try
EASY fix,turn the system around so it faces INTO the kitchen,thus reversing the sound stage to project into the listening area.  
Many Questions Need Help
Hey friend,RUN,don't walk,well let your fingers do the walking over to iFi..Scroll down & find "Retro Stereo 50"..Buy it before someone else does!  
Go ahead, hang blankets on the side walls. You’ll be amazed.
hahahahahaha,I've always had a limited budget for a/v systems so discovered years ago the HUGE difference heavy weight moving blankets made hung across the back wall & side walls about 1/2 way to the listening position(live end ,dead end)..  
Blown Cap???What Else To Replace During Service???
The amp is 20 years old & ran Class A HOT so I figure some components must have been affected.I hope it's just something simple like a cap..  
Blown Cap???What Else To Replace During Service???
This is my end game amplifier so I really would like to have it gone through & brought up to as new condition.Aren't there any systems or components that usually follow bad caps that can be at least checked for condition?Thanks very much all.  
Looking for an all-in-one just-add-speakers streamer for my son to take to college
Hi there.First you didn't mention what speakers he has but my recommendation will drive pretty much any you might choose..Second since you said he isn't an audiophile it's doubtful he need a full on Streamer that's Roon ready(among others).What he... 
Table top DAC and Amp advice needed
Hi..IMO the Schiit is good but I felt a little overpriced compared to the build & sound quality of the Topping/SMSL & iFi gear..I like iFi's take on tone,extracting natural warmth from the Burr Brown chips Schiit didn't have.You simply can... 
Advice for 2-channel system (speakers/amp/dac)
Hi & welcome aboard..First there is a current thread on "Advise for Building a new system"with a lot of good tips,check it out..Second,the abundance of positive gear reviews is a testament to the fact that at no time in our history has so much... 
Question: What are some of your best pieces of advise to someone new to the hobby?
At the VERY start of this trip I have only 1 piece of advice..Go listen to LIVE acoustic & amplified music of various styles,in as many varied venues as possible..If you have no clue what real music,from real instruments sounds like you will e... 
Amp / Speaker setup for streaming and vinyl
Listen,on RIGHT NOW there is a Cayin "CS55A" BRAND NEW IN BOX with KT88 tubes.It has built in DAC with USB(only)input,a Moving Magnate phono stage & a wonderful,tube driven headphone out. Price is $1300.00 + shipping.BUY IT!!! ... 
Amp / Speaker setup for streaming and vinyl
Quad:Been around a LONG time & HIGHLY regarded.Several online AD's in the USA. If you want a HUGE taste of the absolute best for about $1600.00 there is the iFi Audio "Retro Stereo 50"TUBE integrated amplifier/DAC/Headphone/Phono,also availabl...