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All in one unit for headphones- help me decide
Pathos "Inpol Remix Mk.II" & "Classic Remix Mk.II" both have headphone circuits specifically designed to be as good as stand alone units costing big $..I can attest to the quality of the Classic Remix Mk.II,using it with HiFiMan HE1000V2,Audez... 
Songs that reference audio equipment
"Aint got no speakers,ain’t got no headphones,ain’t got no records to play":: The Talking Heads"Life During Wartime"  
Can you use both RCA and XLR interconnects into the amplifier?
You should be fine.Input switching keeps everything separate.  
This should be easy but isn't.
That is incorrect UNLESS the Microphone/Transmitter does NOT accept multiple device connections.Check the specs for the microphone thoroughly under "pairing"..This will tell you if you can pair multiple devices.  
This should be easy but isn't.
First off,what is the EXACT Make & Model of the microphone & headphones you want to transmit to?  It sounds like your microphone has a built in TRANSMITTER that sends the signal to a Bluetooth RECEIVER(USB dongle).  The Bluetooth headphone... 
Solar Eclipse Music
The rock MASTERPIECE"Children of the Sun"by Billy Thorpe.  
This should be easy but isn't.
Took a look at the Bluetooth Transmitter Microphones on Amazon.That will give you an idea for what you'll need to make this work..Good luck..  
This should be easy but isn't.
Hi.Do you already have a wireless microphone?If yes,does it have external speaker jack or any jacks for external equipment..If NO,search Amazon for Bluetooth Transmitter Microphone..  
I don't get it...Exile on main Street-Blue
IMO,music/musicians considered "excellent"by so called experts is often ear grating horror to my ears.Case in point,all the critical acclaim for Patricia Barber or Diana Krall,BOTH who I consider tone deaf & flat compared to a vocalist like Me... 
Is it an Upgrade? From Kef R3 + R2c to Quad S4 + SC
I assume your running the Hegel on theater bypass from the Anthem?I don't see a huge upgrade here except for my opinion that Quads will be smoother & more natural sounding than the KEF's,which I find clinical & metallic sounding compared t... 
Looking for a smooth sounding 6922 variant
For new production tubes I've found the Genelex Gold Lions among the best.Stick with a Platinum matched pair,which are super closely matched,include 48 hour burn in & at least $200.00 a pair cheaper than Mullard NOS..Try vacuumtubevaluesdotcom... 
Audiolab 7000A alternative with similar bass definition
If there is any way to stretch your budget,the $2400.00(new)Simaudio Moon 250i V2 would get my $..Don't let the 50wpc.@8ohms fool you,it doubles to 100wpc.@ 4 ohms,which your speakers are spec'd at...You might be able to find one gently used for u... 
Selling here on Audiogon
I see multiple issues with selling used gear now days.. First is the indisputable fact that the price/performance of so called entry/mid fi gear has lowered the law of diminishing returns to well under $1000.00,making new gear purchases with full ... 
Sub $1000 DAC with AKM chip
I have to agree with the comments on an AKM DAC with a tube amplifier..You'll likely end up in the old Conrad Johnson Syrup bottle..  Some excellent sounding SABRE DACS from Topping,SMSL & a few others that escape my aged & damaged brain..  
Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet
Very nice version & no disrespect to you or Prokofiev but(IMO)NOTHING compares to this interpretation: